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MrSlotty is a dark horse, so dark in fact very little is known about the business. There is the usual company mission statement, saying that they want to break new ground and bring more entertainment than ever before. It’s certainly doable judging by the handful of delights they have on offer so far. With support on the programming side by EveryMatrix and iSoftBet, they are certainly onto something here. It’s certainly modern, having only been around since 2013, they’re spitting out trend themes as if society was taking a selfie.

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$1500+ 150 Free Spins
4 R10000+ 100 Free Spins

MrSlotty Casino Software

At the moment MrSlotty is working on a second batch of ideas and developments, which we cannot wait to see because the lot first took us by surprise. The look of the games are indeed different, arty and we hate to use the term but it works, street! They have taken art house magazines, cool trends, popular fashion and have created this b*stard off-spring which would be found under such hashtags as, #lmfao, #sick #wtf #lol and many of the others, but you get the gist.

The gaming functions under HTML5, so all 40 slots are easily accessible and playable on your mobile before or after you ‘tweet’ or ‘insta’, or some new fandangle thing we here aren’t up to date with. It’s not hard to define these software hipsters, but it’s as if MrSlotty would appreciate this kind review of the company and say “that’s cool man”, but he wouldn’t want to hang out with us because he loves grim art too much or is too busy writing his own song lyrics on his skinny jeans.

MrSlotty Online Slot Games

The gaming premise in terms of the basic format is the same, you have 5 reel slots and they spin with 25 pay-lines. Nothing more nothing less, but the animation and graphics are key. They are the essential ingredient to the success and the fun. To name a few: Emoji Slots, She/He_Club, a black and grey cocktail bar in a disco hall. DJ’s and strippers for the icons, in wonderful comic-book Japanese style animation. Then we have Meme Faces, it speaks for itself really, yet hard to describe, unless you’re familiar with the Meme world on social media. No More Fruits, banishes traditional fruit icons and replaces them with vegetables, genius! Again animation is crass, loud and something that resembles a quick 5 minute sketch by some bored stoner.

Those scared to jump into the dark side of things with MrSlotty, you do have other options. MrSlotty has the traditional slots for you, such as Classic 7 Fruits and it is just that. No glossy background, no loud punching visuals. None of that over the top crap, just fruit, literally. You wanted traditional, don’t blame us.

MrSlotty at an Online Casino

What MrSlotty has done, for the first batch of games at least, is to have a concept of simplicity. They have kept it clean, be it vulgar in places, but it works. They have secured plenty of partnerships such as Bet Construct, Mediatech, and SLC. With the growing interest Casino operators are now picking them up, even the giant NetBet.

Let us not forget why we play, we play to win, so 25 pay-lines is what we get. The Animation alone is enough for the visual pleasure. There’s enough glitz out there, so this is a welcoming change to the norm’.


MrSlotty offers something different, you won’t be playing for hours but you’ll have a favourite. Below are suggestions should you want the more familiar feel to gaming and in familiar surroundings.


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