Net Entertainment Casinos

Net Entertainment Casinos

Founded in 1996, NetEnt is a Scandinavian company that specializes in the publishing and development of online casino systems and programs. NetEnt was the first provider to use Java technology as a method of delivery for its online software. Fast forward to modern day and it’s still these same principles of innovation that drive the company to deliver world class products and services to a very demanding industry. They develop some of the best and most original online slots in the entire market. These slots are based on creative concepts and available in HTML 5 which makes them compatible across all platforms.

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NetEnt Slot games

Over the last 5 years, Net Entertainment have become widely known for their huge range of online video slots. Presently there are well over 200 different types of video slots available from NetEnt and they range from classic stylings to 3D versions and also specially branded online slots.

The most popular of all their online slot games are the branded slots. These are slots of which main theme is tied in with a popular film or musician via a licensing deal that NetEnt would negotiate with the brand parent company. NetEnt have many branded slots in their selection and their biggest deal is currently with Universal Pictures which allows them to release blockbuster movie themed online slots.

NetEnt Jackpots

As part of a special range of online video slots, NetEnt also offers slots that feature progressive jackpots. There are two types on offer to players and these are local jackpots that are tied into a specific game or single online casino site and also network jackpots that span across a network of machines or multiple online casinos. Local jackpots can only be won by the players playing at a specific online casino on a specific game. Network jackpots can be won across multiple online slot variants and also across multiple online casinos.

Network jackpots work by accumulating a small percentage of each bet played across several machines or casinos and putting them into a large pot via the NetEnt Network. If the online casino you’re playing at is part of the NetEnt Network then you are eligible to play for the progressive jackpot. The main difference between these types of jackpot is that typically the networked versions can easily accumulate millions of dollars in prize funds.


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