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Now we never ‘fully’ compared Patagonia to Beethoven or Mr Beckham, it was just a means to point out that masters of their art have that singular drive and determination to be the best in their field. With Patagonia we have craftsmen that solely focus on bingo and at the moment they are running with the pack when they should be leading them. They obviously have the knowledge and talent to make the games, but they just continue to plod along.

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Patagonia Casino Software

The software in use for the enjoyment of Patagonia games comes from the HTML5 software, thusly being able to enjoy bingo over a multitude of devices, be it desktop, tablet and mobile. So no need to ever step foot inside those cold Bingo halls again, with that smell of overused cooking oil, nor revel in anger at the same person winning twice, especially when they were just in front of you in the cue when buying your books.

They also have special client support to help bring a personalized gaming experience to the user, thanks to their customer designing. Hardcore users of their gaming can benefit greatly from this. Now this is a fantastic attribute and should be hailed for it, but there needs to be further improvements in entertainment values.

Patagonia Online Slot Games

Of the 13 games the only real difference is the lush, glossy theme. So there’s no real depth, but that’s something to work on. There’s also no real captivation, but then that’s another thing to work on. It’s just bingo and does it really need to modernise in terms of gaming. Perhaps, the themes themselves could have a role in terms of interaction. Instead the themes are just wallpaper.

With the Game Pirates, you’d be expecting a pirate at least, but he’s clearly walked the plank and fallen off the face of the earth.

The games play smoothly over the four card grids and do work quicker than other bingo games in the field.

Patagonia at an Online Casino

The gaming and experience will be found at most casinos that house bingo, please refer to the list above to start marking off your numbers. At look out for more upcoming games from Patagonia.


More diverse offering reviews are within the options below. But if bingo is all you’re interesting, then Patagonia games will be found across all casinos that off bingo video gaming.


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