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Some people think that online casino tournaments are not as good as the tournaments that you can find at land-based casinos in places such as Vegas. Online casinos have put in the hard work to ensure that their players can have the same great tournament experience at home that they could have at a brick and mortar casinos. Slots, poker, and blackjack are some of the most popular tournament games. If you would like to find out more about online casino competitions, then we highly recommend that you carry on reading this page.

Large prize potCan lag at times
Play for longerSometimes only open to certain players
Improve your skillsCan become addictive

What Exactly is an Online Casino Tournament?

Well, to put it as simply as possible, it is an event that players who are registered at the online casino can enter and play against their fellow players (using their own money) on particular casino games (poker, blackjack, or slots) with the aim of winning the top pool prize. Apart from the aforementioned games, you will sometimes, but rarely, find roulette tournaments.

Why do online casinos offer such tournaments to their players?

Well, they know that it is a great way to entice new players to sign up and they also know that it is a great way to keep existing players loyal to them. Casino players love the chance to enter tournaments as it gives them the opportunity to win some extra cash, sometimes a lot, while competing against other real players. In order to gain entry into a tournament, players will have to pay a cash entry fee in return for credits or chips.

With most online casino competitions, each player will have to try and win as much as possible with their chips and the player that has won the most at the end, will be declared the winner and will take home the top pool prize. However, we must add that the rules can vary depending on which casino you are playing at, so be sure to review them thoroughly before you enter.

What about Free Online Casino Tournaments?

You can play poker, roulette, blackjack and slot games for free at the majority of online casinos, so will you ever come across free online casino tournaments? The answer to this question is most definitely. Online casino owners know that sometimes their players just want to play for fun without risking their own cash, which is where free online casino tournaments come into play.

Here you will be competing for fun, but most of the time the casino will reward those players who do the best by giving them a special bonus such as free spins on particular slot games (a slot that they are trying to promote) or small cash prizes. Free tournaments are often known as freerolls.

How Do You Participate in Such Tournaments?

  • In order to enter a tournament that a casino is holding, you will have to have an account with them, and you will have to have made at least one real money deposit with them. You will never usually be asked to input any codes.
  • After you have enrolled in the tournament, you will be sent a notification so that you can arrange your time in order for you to use your credits or chips in the most efficient way possible. The casino will also tell you about the format and the prize pool of the tournament.
  • When the tournament has started, there will be a table where you can track your progress and see whether you are in line to win a cash prize.

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Can I Play Tournaments on My Mobile Device?

Nowadays, mobile gaming has become extremely popular. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that more people gamble on their mobile devices than they do on desktop devices.

Online casinos are more than aware of this fact, so they make sure that all of their tournaments are open to mobile users. They know that failure to do so would result in an awful lot of lost custom.

Different Types of Casino Tournaments

There are different kinds of tournaments that you will come across during your gambling career and some of them might be confusing to those newbies who want to buy entry into a tournament for the very first time. Therefore, below we have provided a guide that looks at the different tournament types that you are likely to come across. These types are applicable for most of the games, such as for video poker contests or online blackjack tournaments.

Survival or knockout

This type of tournament will often be used for poker. As the name suggests, players can get knocked out here before the event has come to a conclusion. For example, there might be a number of rounds and the player who is sitting at the bottom of the table when the round comes to an end will be eliminated. The last player standing will get the jackpot, but there will usually be prizes for those players that do well, but do not win.

Buy ins

In such an event, if you run out of luck and funds you will not necessarily be out of the competition. You will have the option of paying another fee in order to re-enter. These types of events are directed at those who want to climb a ladder and stay there in order to be declared the winner and take home the big jackpot.

Time or bet-base

When it comes to slot games, this is the type of online slot tournaments that you will often come across. As the name suggests, you will have a bet or time limit and you have to try and get the best score that you can before your limit runs out. When you are playing such events, you should remember to spend all of your credits or chips because once the tournament has come to an end, the only thing that matter is how many wins you got, so here is hoping that your luck is in.


As we already mentioned above, a freeroll competition is one where you do not need to deposit any money as a fee in order to take part. These are simple tournaments and those that do well will often be rewarded with some cool bonuses.

Regular tournaments

Some casinos will give their players regular tournaments (daily, weekly, or monthly) in order to promote particular games. These events do not have to have direct competition and the players who finishes with the most points when the competition comes to an end will share the prize pool.

Ticket based

In order to enter such events, you will need to be invited to join. These events are usually reserved for those who are part of the VIP program to thank them for the loyalty that they have shown. There is more than money to be won here - winners can often earn prizes like laptops, smartphones and even holidays.

High roller

Casino will sometimes put on events for those players who make regular big bets and are not afraid of betting hard and big in order to take home some huge prizes.

Types of Tournament Prizes

Tournaments can also be distinguished by the prizes that they put up for grabs. Below we have given you a brief list of these different types.

  • Fixed pot: The prize or prizes will be determined before each player pays the entry fee
  • Prize pot: The size of the prize will be determined by how many people pay the entry fee. The more people that enter, the bigger the prize pool will be
  • Free: These are for entertainment purposes only, but those who do well will usually be given a nice bonus (free spins) or other special offers

Here's Why You Should Play Online Casino Tournaments

If you are still not convinced that online casino tournaments are for you, then we believe that the following five reasons why you should enter them will change your mind.

  • Bigger Prize Pot - Compared to the regular casino games, tournament events are a great way to win a lot of cash really fast
  • Fixed entry fee - When you are playing regular casino games, you have to place a bet to see if you receive a prize. Tournaments, most of the time, will have fixed fees to enter, which means that you will be able to get an idea as to how much cash you will have to spend in order to get a chance to win the top prize
  • Extended playing time - There will always be a time limit when you are competing at a tournament, but you do not pay for this extended playing time. This means that you can get more playing time than you would if you were playing a regular casino game
  • Improves your skills - If you would like to improve your skills when it comes to a particular game, then taking part in tournaments really is the best way to do this as you face real challenges from real people
  • No need to leave home - Online tournaments allow you to experience real competition without you having to get all dressed up and head on over to your nearest casino

Top Tournament Tips

Below we are going to give you three tips that you should keep in mind when you are competing at different events.

Being late to the show is not necessarily bad

When a tournament starts, many players want to jump right in as they believe that playing for the most time gives them a better chance of winning the top pool prize. However, joining in at the start is not always the best as everyone is trying to play at the same time, which can cause the casino's servers to slow or even collapse. Therefore, you should always wait a good 20 minutes before you start to compete.

Opt for the maximum bet

The credits or chips that you are given at the start of the competition will not be added to your account if you have not spent them when the event comes to an end. Therefore, when you are playing in a tournament, you should always make sure that you have spent all of your funds before it ends.

Make a schedule

As you need to play the same game over and over again, you should always have some type of schedule so that you can keep yourself focused. If you do not have a schedule, then you can become tired and, when you are tired, you will find that a number of uncharacteristic mistakes start creeping into your play.


💸 Can I play online casino tournaments for free?

Yes, every now and then online casinos will give their players the chance to enter a tournament for free. These free games are great for those players who feel like a bit of competition, but do not really want to spend any of their real money. Those who do well in these events will often be rewarded with bonus prizes.

🏩 Can I play online casino tournaments on my mobile device?

Many of us enjoy playing slots and other casino games on our mobile devices and casino owners are well aware of this. Therefore, they do everything with mobile gamers at the forefront of their minds. As a result, the answer to the above question is a big fat yes.

🎰 How can I participate in an online tournament?

In order to be able to enter a tournament at an online casino, you have to have an account with them and you will have to have made at least one real cash deposit with them using one of their many different payment options. Once you have done these two things, you should be able to enter whatever competitions you feel like. You will never usually have to input any codes to take part in a competition.

🚀 What games will I be able to find tournaments for?

You should often be able to find tournaments for all of the popular casino games such as blackjack, poker, and slots. Every once in a while, you might also come across a roulette tournament, but these are much rarer than the aforementioned games. You will not usually find tournaments for games such as craps, baccarat, or Sic Bo.


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