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Dating back to the times when you used to play the game of War around the kitchen table, Casino War is one of the simplest casino games you can find. Casino War is directly based on the game of War. Our exclusive Casino war guide will most probably walk you down the memory lane and remind you of the good-old-days spent carelessly hanging around with your mates.

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History of Casino War game and its giant leap from kitchen tables into the digital world

The joy of playing Casino War is rooted in the fact that it is such a simple game to play. Having a set of very basic rules, this casino favorite is in huge demand both at brick and mortar and online casino establishments.

You will be surprised to find out that in comparison to many other casino games the history of Casino War is relatively short as it was first patented in 1993. The company that first came up with an early version of Casino War was called Bet Technology. One year later, once the game was ready to be launched, Bet Technology issued this casino game to five casinos in Northern Nevada. The first brick and mortar establishment that offered Casino War was the famous Harrah’s Tahoe in Nevada.

In the same decade, when personal computers and Internet browsing became widely available to the general public, the game of Casino War migrated into the digital space.

This transformation made it available online, and many online casinos started introducing Casino War into their game catalogs. The online version of Casino War kept its original basic rules and authentic flow, therefore, it immediately became popular with all kinds of players – those who have been playing this game around the kitchen table since its early days as well as those players who encountered it online for the first time and continued playing it to this day.

In 2004 the game saw a new twist in its development due to the fact that Bet Technology was acquired by Shuffle Master, which ultimately got the rights of ownership of Casino War in the process of acquisition of company assets.

Do you want to know more about the rules and the strategy of the online version of Casino War?

Keep reading our articles to find out what the most skillful casino players do to increase their chances of winning.

What you will find in our guide: Top tips on Casino War

Our exclusive Casino War guide has been carefully put together by a dedicated team of casino players who strive to keep up to date with the most recent news in the iGaming industry. To equip our loyal readers with everything one needs to play any casino game like a Pro, we will outline the most essential facts related to the game of Casino War in the present guide.

Tune in to find out how to play this exciting casino game as well as how to choose the best strategy which will help you increase your chances of winning and benefit from a range of generous casino offers you have at your disposal. Get your pens and paper ready - first stop, Casino War Rules!

Casino War Rules

Casino War is popular with players from all over the world and this popularity can be explained by such factors as the simplicity of the game rules and its resemblance to some other well-known card games. Players tend to get curious about the game and then agree to step up to the table once they realize how easy and fun it is to play it.

In brief, there are three main outcomes of the game:

  • You win
  • You lose
  • Tie plus even more fun!

Let’s have a look at Casino War rules in more detail before we explore various game strategies.

In typical scenarios, the game of Casino War is played with six standard 52 card decks. The value of each card is based on the same principle as inPoker games, in other words, the highest ranking card is an Ace and lowest ranking card is a two.

The fun begins when the dealer deals the cards – each player and the dealer receive one card. The cards are dealt face up.

Here is a brief summary to help you get a gist of some possible scenarios and the outcomes during the game:

  • Best case scenario in the game of Casino War: your card’s value is higher than the value of the dealer’s card. This outcome means that you win the wager you initially bet.
  • When do I lose?You lose if the value of your hand is lower than the value of the dealer’s card.
  • What if your card is of the same rank as the dealer’s card?This scenario is called a tie and it requires you to think on your feet, evaluate the situation and decide how to reduce the house edge and create the most favorable situation to increase your chances of walking out with a great payout.

Keep in mind: if you like the walking on razor’s edge and experience an extra touch of adrenaline going through your body, you could increase the stakes a little and make a side bet on a tie. If the rank of your card matches the rank of the dealer’s card, you get to scoop out a delightful 10 to 1 win to your initial bet.

Remember that a tie can happen quite frequently, and it is best to be prepared beforehand and have a good understanding of what you can do to reduce the risk of losing real money. Have a look at the following options:

Option #1: You can choose to surrender. This means that you will lose half of your original bet.

Option #2:You can choose to go to war. Going war means that you have to double your stake.

If you take the second option and decide to take a riskier path, the dealer will get rid of three cards and then deal an additional card to continue the game. The cards are then compared and here is what happens next:

  1. You win the amount of your initial wager if the rank of your additional card is higher than the rank of the dealer’s card.
  2. You win the amount of your doubled wager in a scenario when the ranks of your card and the dealer’s card are the same.
  3. You lose the amount of your doubled wager if the rank of your additional card is lower than the rank of the dealer’s card.

As you can see, going to war can be a great way to boost your payroll, however, it involves increasing the stakes and ultimately the risk level as well.

  • Reflection point: Which option suits you best – would you surrender or go to war?

It is a good idea to reflect on this point before you start gambling with real money, so when it comes to a stage when you have to make a decision quickly, you are prepared to opt for an option that suits your personality and gambling appetite the most.

Casino War Strategy

Many players frequently ask if there is a way of coming up with the most favorable scenario when it comes to an effective Casino War Strategy. The truth is that since Casino War is a straightforward game of chance with a set of simple rules, it is difficult to come up with a clear strategy that will level up your game.

What you do have to remember is that if you surrender during a tie, it gives the house a slightly better chance of winning, therefore, it is important to do some calculations of the projected probabilities and, in most cases, never surrender.

Keep in mind that the results of a tie scenario greatly determine the amount of money you win or lose, in turn, this increases the percentage of the house edge. Normally, the house edge of Casino War is slightly over 2%, whilst, depending on the number of decks are being used, the house edge during a tie (especially if you decide to go for a tie bet) can increase the house edge to anywhere between 18% and 35%.

To work on your strategy when you play Casino War online, you should seek every opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of special promotions and casino bonus packages. This will give you an opportunity to gain experience and understand different game scenarios in real practice, however, by using your bonuses you will be able to keep your real money safe.

Keep on reading our article to find out where you can play Casino War online for free and for real money.

Where to play Casino War online

If you are looking for more information about online casinos and where to play the game of Casino War online for free and for real money, you have landed on the right page. Tune in as we are about to share the most essential tips on how to win Casino War games and minimize your risks.

The great thing about Casino War is the fact that it is a casino table game, so whether you are playing at a real land-based casino establishment or online, you get the pleasure of approaching your favorite casino table as if you were playing some other casino games with far more complicated rules and strategies, for example, Blackjack and Poker.

Casino War for Free

First of all, if you are a new player, it is of paramount importance to explore your options and try various games online for free without making any real money stakes. Keep in mind that just like with anything new you are trying to learn, it normally takes a couple of trial runs and, with them, some bumps, falls and failures before you are able to make your best moves and decisions with confidence based on practical experience.

To do this and gain experience when you are first starting to play online casino games, you should look for various casino offers that will give you a chance to benefit from a selection of delightful casino freebies. Such casino perks are offered to all new players and it is absolutely safe to grab them as long as your casino of choice is a reputable and fully licensed online casino establishment. With so many great online casinos in the iGaming industry, your options are countless, and you can significantly extend your free play and, as a consequence, increase your chances of winning in the long run.

  • Hot Casino Freebie #1: Welcome Bonus

This offer is promoted by the majority of well-known online casinos and it means that over and above the amount of real money you transfer into your player’s account, you can claim this offer and automatically receive an additional amount of bonus cash.

As a rule, it is matched by a pre-set amount which is based on a rate advertised by the selected casino. The best rate is 100% and, in some cases, this offer is doubled or exceeded, which makes it even more attractive to new players and especially those players who are playing on a budget.

  • Hot Casino Freebie #2: No Deposit Bonus

If you find a No Deposit Bonus offer on a casino website, you might think that the amount of free cash you get is not worth the hassle. In fact, you are right in saying that this offer does not seem as attractive as the Welcome Bonus offer, however, bear in mind that the only thing you are required to do in order to be able to benefit from it is to create a new account on the website of your casino of choice.

You are not asked to make a real money deposit, on the contrary, a small amount of real bonus cash is offered to you so that you can place some real money wagers and get an idea how to play different casino games and what games you prefer.

  • Hot Casino Freebie #3: Free Spins

Free Spins can also be offered to you if you are just making your first steps in the world of online gambling. This offer is great if you are trying Online Slots as an alternative to Casino War. Since both games are based on chance, you get the same level of thrill as you are spinning your Free Spins and playing one of the most popular slots online. If you find a Welcome offer which gives you an amount of free cash and a number of Free Spins, check the wagering requirements first and then go for it with confidence. A package of bonus cash and Free Spins will allow you to play more games and polish up your best gambling moves with fun.

  • Hot Casino Freebies – Ongoing package: Special promotions

Once you become a loyal member of an online casino, you will also get access to a great selection of special promotions. For example, in some casinos, you might find daily and weekly offers which give you an opportunity to benefit from some cash and other rewards on a regular basis. For example, you can be rewarded for making a deposit on a particular day of the week, or for reaching a higher loyalty status.

In this section, we have briefly touched the tip of the iceberg on casino bonuses and free play. If you are interested in learning more about various casino offers so that you can snatch the best bargain in the iGaming industry, feel free to go through our articles on Casino Bonuses Index.Com and get the most updated overview of the best casino deals.

Casino War for Real money

Once you have tried the basics of playing Casino War for free, it is time to explore the world of real money bets and exciting wins. When you are ready to place real money wagers, you have a fantastic selection of all types of casinos as any brick and mortar casino operator, even the glitziest casino resorts in Las Vegas, as well as any reputable online casino will be available to provide you with the best casino games in the 21st century.

If you are not sure how much money to spend on your first real money deposits and how to keep track of your spendings overall, it is best to set a certain budget so that you can manage your bankroll more effectively. In addition, bear in mind that unlike land-based casinos, online casinos reward their regular players with a great range of loyalty schemes and cash bonuses, so as a matter of fact, once you have deposited a certain amount of real money, your cash starts working for you.

Our online casino experts have tried and here is what they say

Our loyal readers will be pleased to know that the present Casino War guide has been carefully put together by our expert team of dedicated casino players who have tried and tested all the available tricks to bring the best of online casino entertainment to you.

Our comprehensive Casino War guide will help you save time and money, grab the best online casino bonuses on the Internet and start playing your most favorite games in just a few simple steps. For your convenience, we have made the most generous offers available to you on our site, which gives you a great overview of what freebies you can claim when you first start playing online.

Your online casino experience on Casino Bonuses Index.Com will have the following features:

  • Great range of games that can be played on a range of devices including personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones
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What’s more, with our Casino War guide you are 100% prepared for the most ferocious battles online – battles which bring pure entertainment to your doorstep.

Casino War Game – Key takeaways

As we conclude our guide, we hope that you have found the tips and strategies we have outlined useful and that you are now better equipped for the battles of Casino War online and at land-based casinos.

Remember that whenever you find yourself in doubt and need an extra push to propel your gameplay to the next level, you can always refresh your memory and go over our tips once more.

Our team is always thrilled to go above and beyond to help our loyal readers to succeed at all their pursuits.


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