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4 Reasons Why Casino War is a Must Play Casino Game!

We have set ourselves up to convince you and to do this we’re going to use 4 simple reasons as to why you should be playing Casino War online. It may get you to look at your favourite Poker or Blackjack games differently or you may even ponder over why so much of your time was invested into video poker when you should have been playing online Casino War instead. We are however convinced that we make a good case for why you should be playing this simple card game when you’re deciding how to best wager your bankroll at an online casino.

Casino War – Offering something beyond the ‘normal routine’ and helping you to get fantastic results long term.

So reason one; you already have the comfort of your surroundings, your go-to places, where you preside over the good old familiar table or slot and become the master of your destiny. It may take longer for the tediousness to set in, but it still does never the less. Casino War firstly will give you a break from your daily routine and this is a good thing. Resets your mind and focus, you may even need to adjust your luck. We recommend this game more than any if your enjoy card gaming.

Gameplay - Difficult? No there is absolutely nothing difficult with Casino War, so you’re worrying over nothing.

Fear not brave soldier, the battle of Casino War is a simple enough task. The game rules don’t read like a Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the stakes are infinitely in your favour and thusly so is the art of Casino War. This card game is as simple as snap or solitaire, it’s just in this case for example Casino War has more hair on its chest, so to speak.

Winning – So what if we were to tell you that EVERY other card game you play is actually LESS beneficial?

This is not a blatant lie in hopes of convincing you, but you for one can check the stats for and consult wise old men on odds as to whether or not our proclamation is correct. The fact of the matter is this, of all of the card games you have played, Casino War IS the only card game where you the player can defeat the dealer – ready for this - more than 50% of the time! Fact!

Percentages – Strategy and how to now start claiming victory over the Casino War dealer and love this game!

The advantage of the house as a percentage is only a mere 2%, the dealer and you the player will have an equal percentage in the first round, this comes to a 46.3% chance of winning if with the standard 6 card deck. The casino will only advance their percentage in the case of a draw or tie. In simple equations... you will win more than you will lose.

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