Rules and Strategy

Casino War Strategy

‘War’ is probably one of the earliest card games you would have played. Designed for a younger generation, the rules of War are easy to understand and the game itself requires little preparation. A single deck of 52 cards is enough to play; all you need is two people and some time to kill.

In a very different context, the game of Casino War revisits this game but aims it squarely at the adult gaming market. In the same way as Blackjack, Casino War is played against the dealer. You face the dealer heads up which somehow increases the pressure of the situation. At this point you might be thinking to yourself, what methods could I use to improve my chances of winning? Let’s see if we can help you with that.

The complex case of optional implementation

Whoa, that was a mouthful! But what does it really mean? As you know, in Casino War you can place a side bet on the probability that you will hit a tie with the dealer. This bet is actually very profitable and can pay out odds of 10 to 1. Unfortunately all that glitters is not necessarily gold and this is also the case with this type of ‘tie bet’. The house edge for this type of bet is greater than 18.5% in most cases. The only other games where this level of advantage is present are games like Sic Bo, Keno and some slot machines. If you are ready to take this level of risk then it’s a good side bet but be warned because under normal circumstances and as a rule of thumb we would never advise to bet on this.

Casino war strategy and advanced tips

Simple games offer simple rules. Even the strategies that are available for games like this are basic at best. In Casino War, the house advantage is on average around 2.88% and this in itself can encourage your average casino player to place their interest elsewhere, even for a more sophisticated game with lower benefits. On the flip side the payout offered by Casino War can be considered better in some respects than those of other casino games. In the end it’s all about balance.

One of the main questions that come up time and time again is the dilemma of whether to yield your bet or challenge the dealer in a double or quits bet in the event of a tie. From a mathematical point of view battling the dealer at this point would make sense because the alternative is losing your entire bet. The counter argument is that there is the potential to lose double the bet at this point.

Statistically, if you battle every time the option becomes available to you, you’re essentially giving the casino the advantage of 2.88% we discussed earlier. It’s still better to battle the dealer than to abandon your bet because if you take the latter option too much you give the casino an advantage of slightly below 4%.

Betting on a tie

Even with a payout of 10 to 1, a bet on a tie is not worth your time. Try not to fall into this carefully laid trap. The idea should be to stick to playing normally and keep side bets to a minimum. Betting on a tie offers the casino an advantage of 18.65%, literally the betting equivalent of suicide. Statistically it takes an average of 65 hands to win a tie bet. With this knowledge in mind, it makes more sense to play straight and reduce the advantage of the casino as much as possible.

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