Play the best online casino games with the best free bonus offers from the leading online casino sites in the USA? Where are they? Listed right here are the top online casino reviews leading you to the greatest platforms to join in 2021.

Find the Best Sites to Play in With our Online Casino Reviews Specially Designed for American Players

  Casino Country Bonus Terms Casino software Play
$4500+ 20 Free Spins
$3000+ 20 Free Spins
4 $5000
5 $3000
6 $5000+ $75 Free chips
7 $3000
8 $7500
9 $10500+ 45 Free Spins
10 $400+ 35 free spins
11 $11000
12 $2500
13 $2250
15 $10000+ 20 Free Spins
16 $10000
17 $777
18 $3000
19 $750
20 $9000+ 200 Free Spins
21 $5000
22 $10000
23 $1000
24 $12000
25 $4000+ 25 Free Spins
26 $7777+ 300 Free Spins
27 $3000
28 $2500+ 100 Free Spins
29 $4000+ 50 Free Spins
30 $2500+ $5 Free
31 $2777+ $7 Free
32 $2500+ 20 Free Spins
33 $5000
34 $2500+ 188 Free Spins
35 $4000
36 $100025 Free
37 $8888+ Free 350 Free Spins
38 $3000
39 $1800+ $50 Free
40 $2500+ 20 Free Spins
41 $2000+ 50 Free Spins
42 $6000+ 60 Free Spins
43 6BTC275 Free Spins
44 5BTC300 Free Spins
45 $5000
46 $17000+ $20 Free
47 $2500+ 25 Free Chip
48 $8250+ $30 Free
49 $1000+ 50 Free Spins
50 $2940
51 $1500+ 100 Free Spins
52 $3000+ 50 Free Chip
53 $3000
54 $750
55 $1000 Play
56 $800
57 $300
58 $1200+888 Free Spins
59 $10000
60 $2000
61 $8000+ 30 Free Spins
62 $4500
63 $5000+ $10 Free

Introducing our casino reviews for the best sites in 2021

Whether you are looking for your first or last online casino, the option of picking is never an easy process, as you can see from the list above, there are over 100 options that provide the same opportunity to profit from. So, which is the best? Well, the concept of ‘being the best’ is very much a relative term and there is never one online casino that will meet the demands of all the players in the world. Here, we offer online casino reviews to make the process of judgment that little bit easier.

Players located in the United States, your casino review is within our guide: Online Casino USA.

Review Highlights

Through our casino reviews, you will be better placed on where you decide to play and win your favorite games. You can, of course, join more than one online casino operator, in fact, the average player will go through four different casinos in their first 6 months of playing.

This is common because players, understandably, will either feel they can get better service elsewhere, they get recommendations from friends and colleagues, plus there is the sway from advertisements. So, it is not unusual to be part of several sites as you venture into the world of online gambling.

The 5 key areas of a casino

Our reviews will help to highlight 5 key sections of each casino:

  • Games
  • Software
  • Support
  • Payment
  • Promotions

We will look at each section in closer detail in the topic below, but these are the prime areas to which service and features are covered. Other relevant details are provided to give you clarity over the minimal factors of the site, though play its part in the realm of online services and features.

These include:

  • Monthly Cashout Limits
  • Licensing Authority
  • Accepted Currencies
  • Exclusive Bonus Information
  • Ratings score out of 5

How we review the top 10 casinos

The process of researching on the Internet, to compiling a list of recommended casinos, is not an easy task. For us to present the best online casino reviews and to give you safe, secure, trusted and reputable options, the process of selections begins with the foundations of a casino. How it is licensed, are they legitimate and there any historical concerns about the company?


Because the Internet is a breeding ground for the few which try to ruin it for the many, we have to be wary of the fact that there are illegal sites, to which players, on the surface, wouldn’t recognize immediately.

So, of the sites which are on the Internet, we go through each one, which indeed takes months, we run checks on each to make sure that the owners of the sites have no previous expelled sites.

We then check to make sure they have the necessary license in place to service the counties they are targeting; this includes making sure those casino licenses are in-date. Aside from these main checks, we regularly check on the gambling laws and regulations to be sure sites are complying with the standards and the legalities with it come to performing as an online gambling service.

Once the ‘foundations’ are confirmed to be secure, we begin the process of trying and testing the services and features of the casino. These are later cross-compared to the approved casinos we have found and what will be found through new online casino sites that come into all global markets.

Here is a closer look at the individual areas which are, for us, the building blocks for a successful online casino website.


The games are the most important factor away from the security and legitimacy of a casino. This is the area where you will be spending most of your time and are the options that will provide you with real money wins.

For those unaware of what they want from a casino, we advise them to always focus on the games first. Rather than just picking randomly and hoping that you happen to stumble across games you will enjoy, it is far better to plan around the very things that bring the entertainment directly.

The casino is firstly checked that they are working in conjunction with an independent game tester. They will be the bodies that approve the games to be fair and honest.

Once we have established this, we log and not the variety of games they have. What we look for are casinos that offer quality over quantity. If a casino has over 5000 games and they are all of great quality, then their rating will be just as impressive as a casino offering 200 games of equal quality.

We look for what casinos that section their gaming areas off, it is far easier for a customer to have the standard virtual casino machines listed separately from those which are played with live dealers. You can learn more about this feature through this guide to live casino online.

The quality of gaming also links to the availability of bonuses which to play them with and with the software, which you are able to play them on.


When it comes to software, we discuss three important areas, the security of the casino site and the functionality of it and the software developers who power the site with their games.

The security of a casino is the #1 online casino rule when looking for legitimate online operators. Currently, the market is running off of software called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for short. This is an encryption program the locks data passed between a web server and a browser. It helps keep the private information being transferred perfectly secured. We ensure that all SSL software is in-date and not at fault.

When it comes to functionality, all sites found on our list of recommended platforms will be compatible with various devices. You will find that any casino you choose will be accessible through any i0S, Windows and Android system. Because mobile gaming is now twice as big as desktop play, we make sure that you have access to your casino in the most convenient way.

If you like to have a casino that is specifically suited for a certain device then you have options here to read about here with a review on mobile casino options and Mac online casino. Also, with Android leading the online mobile gaming race, we have a special on them here, Android casino.

For the software developers, we can only advise you that you will be amongst those who have won the highest accolades from within the industry. We look for licensed and industry-approved gaming manufacturers. We make sure they are reputable gaming providers that come with a history of supply games that do payout.


Payment is, of course, vital. If you don’t have online casino payouts then what is the point playing, right? It’s one of the first things you should check when selecting your new online casino. Making sure that you are able to deposit payments in without any hassle and are able to withdraw your winnings through a fast and convenient method.

Do not assume that because of online banking services like Visa, for example, are so popular that every casino will be able to offer this option for both transactions in and out. You will find that there are some which do and other casinos that can only provide the service one way.

In assessing the casinos, we make sure that of the payment methods provided, that they are reputable services that are regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA). We want your casino to be able to provide a wide range of banking services as possible for the region you are in.

These payment services will include major credit card providers, there will also be third-party banking operators like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Then you have your alternative options which are prepayment services like Paysafecard and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

If there is interest in learning more about the bitcoin option, then please refer to our review of Bitcoin casinos.

There are many different ways that you will see listed within the reviews to what each site has in terms of payment options.


For support, we focused on the customer care element of the casino. During a player’s time as a member, you may never have to ever contact them, but the reality is that there could be issues that randomly appear that need questioning.

We looked for services that we obtainable around the clock, hosted by professionally trained staff that know every feature of the casino they work in. We tested ourselves to see if they were able to assist with faux problems and what we learned is that there are incredibly dedicated people on-hand that are willing to help on issues relating to all sections of their site.

You will have bilingual customer support teams that can deal with your general account, through to banking, bonuses, and can even discuss gambling advice, technical matters and question on betting.


Here is where the eyes light-up and all else in the world fade into irrelevance. Promotions, bonuses, offers, rewards and gifts. The opportunity to play free online games from the casino is a reality. Because the casinos are regulated, you are guaranteed of honest and fair deals that will come through a mix of promotions.

Every casino has a welcome bonus to offer to its newest members. You will see these added to the top 10 list, or as above.

Again, the object of selection was quality and not quantity. There are deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, coupon codes, cashback offers, free sports betting, free cash credit and loyalty points, rewards and prizes to claim from all those you are able to read a review on.

Benefits of reading reviews online before joining

We believe that I order to succeed online, you and every other player must have a plan of action before they start to play with real money.

Pick the right casino straight

By knowing what you want to play, you can look for the best games. You then look for the best casinos online offering those games. You then begin to see if there are any rewards to play these games free and then check to see if they support your banking service to get those free winnings back.

This is a basic structure to selecting your casino, but it is a plan that puts you first, focusing on the games, through to being able to get your winnings from them for free and as securely as possible.

Why you should read before you play

In no way are the following comments a means of pointing the finger, we have all been a first-time player looking for a new casino online. The usual approach, to which we have fallen foul to, is to either go for the first online casino you see that pushes a huge welcome bonus onto new players, or you just go for one your friends recommended.

By having no insight, you are completely at the mercy of the casino and its services. You wouldn’t be aware of the fact that the grass is most likely greener on the other side, because you’d be too excited to play.

Having the facts laid out before you, you are then able to determine which casino has what before signing up to them. We formed the casino reviews by cross-comparing them on their qualities, you will have to do the same, so you get a casino which is perfectly right for you.

The additional benefit to planning your approach this way is that you get to enjoy exclusive bonuses that are not found through any other comparison site.

Here at Casino Bonuses, we provide new players with the opportunity to claim a sizeable bonus offer that comes with free spins and cash to help you win real money to keep!

100% honesty on the services of our recommended casinos

Our site covers the US market and as such, we have built up a proud reputation we would like to maintain. Our goal is to always help you win online casino real money in the safest way possible.

Our professional services treat you with trust

Every one of our casinos is a trusted platform we would gladly recommend. Because of our willingness to champion a casino for their hard efforts in being ahead of the pack, we are in a unique on that we can communicate with them to help supply new players with exclusive bonuses, but by no means does this affect our opinion of them long or short term.

Credibility and casinos

You will see that from our site, you are able to collect Bonuses of the Month, yet these are not the sites in the top spot or even top 10, they are recognized under merit for their efforts and in this case, for being able to produce bonus offers which go unmatched for their profitability.

The standards we set against casinos online are very stringent. We, like many players, want to be excited by the opportunities, we all want bigger jackpots, better games and more consistency in winning. If a casino doesn’t offer something that can either excite a player or cannot produce a service or platform that is to a high-quality, then it simply doesn’t make the list.

Why the right opportunity mattes

It would be of no benefit if we were to add casino options that were flawed with 1-star scores, informing you that the casino you are currently spending your time on, reading about them, is complete rubbish. It just serves no-one and wastes time.

If casinos are missing what we feel are key opportunities to excel as a platform, you will certainly read about them. Our reviews are strictly honest and, in any capacity, to provide productive criticism to help them, then we shall let them know and you know of where minor issues could turn a great casino into something more.

Give us your online review and feedback

At Casino Bonuses we are happy to spread the word of casinos that are exceptional standard. You too can have your comments heard to help assist other players. You are able to provide a variety of feedback, which will be in the public-eye so please refrain from bad language and personal detail sharing.

Casino scoring

The scoring seen in the online casino reviews is entirely independent scores that come from online surveys that past and current players are able to leave their ratings on.

We do not influence the scores, in fact, you’ll read through our reviews about how well we felt the casino delivered on its overall service and yet you will see it was only scored by the players with a 3 out of 5 ratings.

You too will have your opportunity to rate the casino you join and help give a clear reflection of how they perform.

Making Improvements

Don’t be swayed in thinking that your opinion doesn’t matter. The standards of a casino are built on the voice of players and if there are things which you think need changing speak up.

Players hold all the power and it is the opinion that has helped shaped the best casinos online today. If you have any new ideas, then let your casino know, because they may very-well implement it for others that are after the same as you.

Check out our casino game reviews

If you wish to further broaden your knowledge of the games available through the online casinos, you are able to access our game reviews. Under our New Slots section on the homepage, you find the latest reviews with more to discovered through our New section and Free Games option.

Find your favourite games

The online casino games reviews will inform you of what type of game it is, the software developer, what devices it is available on and the score it achieves with our what’s hot and what’s not rating.

Through the reviews, you are able to access the top 5 online casinos which supply the game in question. There you will also see the free welcome bonuses you can claim to access the game in review and play for free.

Gaming info

Through the game reviews, you will get a clear description of the game. We discuss the game’s technical characteristics, what bonuses and rewards are available through the game’s features. We supply software information and where you are able to find a free gaming demo video.

In the News sections, you will have direct access to a casino that is currently offering the game in review and a free bonus with which to play it. In the Free Games section, you can, of course, play the game to test it before you decide to give it a go with real money on the line, but, of course, you have already been informed of the free bonuses you can get, so it’s more a case of testing it before you use one of the many free casino bonuses you can play with.

We round our review off with an honest verdict on how they are to play and advise of similar products which are just as good to play.

Summary of Our Reviews

Now you have access to a huge score of reviews, you should now be in a position to be able to say to yourself; I want to play these games in this casino, where I can use these bonuses to play these games and should I win, I can easily cash out using this payment option.

Important points

Now, we wouldn’t expect you to read all 121 available options, you can if you wish too, but we recommend sticking with those in the top 10 or 20. Give thought to the 5 points we highlighted earlier;

1. Games

2. Software

3. Support

4. Payment

5. Promotions

Play the free games to prepare yourself and enjoy the additional articles found on our site that offer you strategies and advice on how to play and win, to put yourself in a far better place to succeed online against the other member that join or have already joined.

Remember, they are trying to win the jackpots before you, so give yourself every bit of advantage that you can get to beat them to it and to beat the casinos at their own game.

Casino FAQ’s

We leave you now with a look at the most commonly asked questions regarding this top of online casino reviews.

Are the exclusive bonuses real or a stunt to get people to join?

All exclusive bonuses are real offers that are available to all users of our site. They are specially made for Casino Bonuses to pass on to our readers and from them, you will be able to win real money you can keep.

Which is the best online casino in America?

For this, you will have to refer to our top 10 list because the positions change monthly depending on performance. Your reviews on these USA casinos online will also be accessible from the top 10 list.

What if I don’t like the casino I join?

If you are unhappy with a casino you have joined through our site, then please leave us feedback with concise detail as to why you feel let down and in-particular with what aspects of the casino, so we have a clear picture for us to be able to investigate these matters ourselves.

What do I need to register?

The registration process is very simple and the same for all players for all casinos, no matter where in the world you are.

Supply the casino with the following information:

✅ Name

✅ Date of Birth

✅ Email Address

✅ Address

✅ Username

Once you add these details to the online form, you will be able to attach the required photo ID of yourself and photo proof of your address from either a bank statement or a utility bill from the past 3 months.

The process should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Thank you for joining us at Casino Bonuses and we hope our reviews give you the clarity and insight needed to help you pick where you will next be winning your huge jackpot payout.


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