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The Mould of the Casino War Player: Win Big in Battle or Go Home

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So what are the psychological tributes of a person that plays Casino War? Ha, don’t worry we won’t go into that deep of an analysis, not unless you pay us a therapist wage. The game as we know is possibly the simplest of all card games that plays for money in a casino environment. Enjoyed by kids and played by adults, so what does it take to win, lose, or just simply enjoy this game, as we follow on our Casino War strategy guide?

Turning something so innocent into a game of risk

As touched upon, this game was a kiddie’s favorite, when ‘snap’ dragged to long this speeded things up a notch. Now a game of nostalgic prominence in childhood memories the Casino War player that once played this long ago, may now be looking to settle old scores or perhaps cash in on their formative year’s success. This with it can bring a false recollection of past games and thusly increasing the individual’s risk and chance. Are you a former player of Casino War when the game was played and an innocent age? Is your memory of the game one of joyous success or one that was met with a barrage of failures? Perhaps a game will jog your memory?

Wars come and wars go

The second type of player in this battle would be your non-passive aggressive type, the one that neither cares if they win or lose, but should they win, it’s all about passive aggressive behavior. Found mainly amongst groups of the human specials that will seek out pride and bragging rights soon as the opportunity presents itself. The mind of such therefore has lackadaisical tendencies, or to put it another way, is the type of person that would eat your fries when firstly confirming they didn’t require any sustenance when ordering or making them beforehand.

Will read Sun Tzu to learn Casino War

The tactical grandmaster of ancient chinse secrets, the one who would literally spend 6 months in a Tibetan monk monastery to perfect their skills, anything to win the game. They discover the game late in their lives and see it as an amazing opportunity to strike many riches (basically, late to the party.) The player will approach 19 viewing of Rain Man before they take to the table just to hone their card counting skills. The dedication is to be admired though. The simplicity of the came and the speed at which it plays gives this kind of player the much-needed fix for their demand to make money fast and easy. Usually, they come with big stakes and a big bankroll to fund the game they play.

So there you have it, the three minds of the Casino War player, any sound familiar? No matter the mindset or approach to Casino War it is unquestionably about making card games what they are designed for, high entertainment and getting beat by really annoying people. Enjoy if you can.

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