Craps Odds – What Craps Payouts Can You Expect


Adding to the complete craps guide, we look at the odds of betting supply you with the best information regarding each move. This will help any new player to the game know a lot about the rules of play and the likely winning outcomes when playing craps inside of online casinos.

Introducing you to the Craps payout odds

What will you be paid back when you roll the right numbers? Here we give you a true picture of the outcomes. From low to maximum odds, you will know what you’re betting on as a player in the game, whether you are the shooter or participant.

It is true that Craps is a game with complex arrangements, and it will take new players a number of goes until they are familiar with the strategy of play and how wins are formed.

The odds described here work both for the live dealer games in casinos, on the virtual craps machines and if you were to play a game on the strip of Las Vegas.

Pass Line Bet

The pass bet is the more common of bets within the game. Those playing craps will, at some point in time, place this bet. The house edge on this bet comes in at 1.41% which is low for a game.

Keep in mind:
The pass bet begins with the first roll of the dice which lays the point number. If the shooter makes a 7 or 11, the table will win the pass bets. If you don’t roll these numbers and a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled your bets lose.
When the point number has been marked, the game remains open and the dice will continue to roll until that point has been reached. Hit that number and the table wins. If 7 is rolled then it is another loss.

One strategy is to not make any pass bet after a come out roll. The rules back you on this, though it is true, your wager will become reduced:

  • H/E: 1.41%
  • Odds: 251 / 244
  • Pays 1 to 1

Any 7

With the Any 7, the bet is classed as a proposition bet. The option is simple, in that case, you are hoping the next roll will be a combination of seven upon the dice.

Keep in mind:
In terms of winning it is simple, but in terms of a good house edge, it fails with the game’s odds shifting to 16.67%. The combinations here gives players 6 ways of winning and 30 ways that it can be lost.

So, the maths is actually against you winning money from this bet.

  • H/E: 16.67%
  • Odds: 5/1
  • Pays: 4/1

Don’t Pass

Opposite of the pass line bet, you are betting against the shooter to claim your wins. If you pick this option, you are wanting, this time, a roll of 2 or 3. If the 7 or 11 lands, you lose. Should 12 be rolled, this becomes what is known as a push and the shooter continues to roll the dice until a point or 7 is hit.

Keep in mind:
Now, this can be done within live dealer games, but this is not a move that can be placed on the virtual Las Vegas machines.

Here are the stats related to this bet:

  • H/E: 11.11%
  • Odds: 8/1
  • Maximum Pay: 7/1


Yes, you can make money on a bet called craps. This covers rolls of 2, 3 or 12 if you lay this bet and that is all there is to it. It is seen as hedge betting on the shooter, but it is not the best in terms of the combinations with rolling.

Keep in mind:
Though it seems like a safer wager to place against the shooter, you would, in fact, make more money by not betting on these numbers to be rolled.

What would you get out of this bet?

  • H/E: 11.11%
  • Odds: 8/1
  • Maximum Pay: 7/1

Taking the Odds

For many players, to play the ‘odds’ is unknown, and they come with a zero house edge, almost making it a free bet. This is a side bet which is in relation to the rolled point numbers.

Keep in mind:
Here you wager on an outcome before the shooter rolls the 7. As a player, you can bet on numerous outcomes which are grouped:
  • 4 and 19

  • 5 and 9

  • 6 and 8

A point about the odds bet is that players are limited to the amounts you can wager:

  • H/E: 0%
  • Odds: 2/1 for 4 and 10. 3/2 for 5 and 9, 6/5 for 6 and 8
  • Maximum Pay: Matching the odds

Laying the Odds

This is the opposite of the previous odds bet. So, you are hoping the dice lands a 7 before the point is rolled. The odds in the casino are the same if you were to place the ‘odds bet’. The likelihood of a win from a player rolling the 7 first is hard, but you will get a maximum return.

  • H/E: 0%
  • Odds: 2/1 for 4 and 10. 3/2 for 5 and 9, 6/5 for 6 and 8
  • Maximum Pay: Matching the odds

Place Bets

In craps, place bets cover a series of options on the table. 4,5,6,8,9 and 10. The payer wagers on a single number that the dice will land on before they roll a 7. These are the easiest ways to bet.

Each number is paid differently. The house edge varies but the best return is on the 6 and 8 numbers which come in at 1.52%.

  • H/E: 1.52% on 6 and 8. 4% on 5 and 9. 6.67% on 4 and 10
  • Odds:7/6 on 6 and 8. 7/5 on 5 and 9. 9/5 on 4 and 10
  • Pays: 6/5 on 6 and 8. 3/2 on 5 and 9. 2/1 on 4 and 10

Lay Bets

This option is opposite to the previous place bet. With this strategy, you are betting the 7 will appear before any range of numbers.

This is a move that can be placed in live dealer games within land-based casinos and not in the online domain. This is because the option comes with a commission for the pricing of this bet.

  • H/E: 1.52% on 6 and 8. 4% on 5 and 9. 6.67% on 4 and 10
  • Odds:7/6 on 6 and 8. 7/5 on 5 and 9. 9/5 on 4 and 10
  • Pays: 6/5 on 6 and 8. 3/2 on 5 and 9. 2/1 on 4 and 10

Big 6 and 8

On the casino table, the player has an option to wager on the big 6 or big 8 that appear in the top corners of the layout. This covers this specific number to be rolled on the dice before 7. Considered to be one of the worst options as it only pays even. If you made the same place bet, it would return on 7/6. And, as you can see, the house edge is one of the game’s worst to win on.

  • H/E: 9.09%
  • Odds: 6/5
  • Pay: 1/1

Field Bets

The field betting is a prediction on the single number that will be rolled next. Number for this include 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. Should the dice come rolling in a 5,6,7 or an 8 then your wager loses.

This is paid in even money, with the exception of 2 and 12. Odds can change between casinos and in the online realm, depending on who has made the game.

  • H/E: 2.27%
  • Odds: 5/4
  • Paid:2/1 for 2. 3/1 for 12 and 1/1 all other numbers

3 or 11

Considered to be rare numbers, this option to put your money on comes with the same principle of the field bet. The house edge though is big at 11.11%, which makes it one of the highest earners for the casino. But should it land, then you have one of the highest returns.

  • H/E: 11.11%
  • Odds: 17/1
  • Payout: 15/1

Hard Bets

Hard bets cover the possibility that the two numbers on the dice will match. So, you can bet on 2,4,6,8 and 10.

So, you’ll lose should you roll a 7, 5 and 3 or a 6 and 2. Though 5 and 3 and 6 and 2 make 8, what you want is 4 and 4.

  • H/E: 9.09% for 6 and 8. 11.11% for 4 and 10 and 13.89% on 2
  • Odds: 10/1 for 6 and 8. 8/1 for 4 and 10. 35/1 for 2
  • Payout: 9/1 for 6 and 8. 7/1 for 4 and 10. 30/1 for 2

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