How to Win at Craps – Casino Tips to Help You Shoot for the Win


Which are the best bets to aim for? How do you secure a win on the table? Well, let us find out, as we explore how to win at Craps. In this strategical guide, we easily explain the best tricks to win at craps, but also to maximize your winnings.

Introducing common methods in Craps

Let us be clear, every bet bar the lay odds bet has a house edge and that house edge can be painfully high depending on the roll the shooter makes in the game. In the realm of land-based casino play, there are ways to control a dice, but this takes skill and hours of training. It is something that won’t be feasible in the online world but you'll find below some advice to maximize your winnings.

3 Craps key points

To start, there are three key points in craps
  • Dice control
  • Pass and come bets to kept to a minimum at the table
  • Keep original bets to a minimum and make a profit on the laying the odds bets

Playing online Craps

When it comes to playing online casino games of Craps, there are limitations to what players can do. This is not Las Vegas, and even with live dealer games, there are restrictions in types of bets where a number of them are possible on the Las Vegas circuit.

What are the mechanisms behind online craps?

First of all, online craps are virtual machines. Therefore, the odds of winning are based on the RNG which is a Random Number Generator. This will determine the rolls made by the player in a virtual sense. This also controls the house edge, but with a virtual machine, it is all about the percentages based on the money going into the game when betting.

But no matter if you play online or in the ‘real’ casinos, there is the strategy to use the best bets that will help cut the house edge down and with this gain more frequent wins whilst playing. This starts with the pass and come bets, using free odds or the don’t pass and don’t come when laying the odds.

Beginners Advice

One of the big key issues for players, and even established craps fans, is to keep the wagers minimal. Over-using chips on less productive bets during games will deplete your bankroll. Your profits can be made within the rest of the field bets at the right time.

As hard as it is to not get carried away round by round, the point is to not lose as fast as possible but to play a longer game. When you start a game and you place a bet of $10 on a pass bet, remember this has no odds so you’re your loss is already at 1.41%. if you only bet $5 of this on pass the loss is 1.41% and the $15 can be placed on odds betting where the rolled numbers pay out better.

To also help, if you buy into free deposit bonus offers, your bankroll can be supported. So, if you lose, it is taken from the money which is rewarded by the casino.

The offered odds

In craps, you can bet on eight house edge options. There is no escaping this fact, but it is worth remembering the odds to help you claim a win on the table at the right point.

Odds offered:
  • 1x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.8%
  • 2x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.6%
  • 3x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.5%
  • 3x, 4x, 5x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.4%
  • 5x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.3%
  • 10x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.2%
  • 20x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.1%
  • 100x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.02%

Consideration of the odds

As a key principle of the casino, never play money that you really can’t afford to lose. This is why you must place bets at the right time. So, if you can only afford to place single bets at the table, then this is the strategy you should be approaching.

Increased betting should only be made by players when profit has been gained. If it means winning small returns over a long period, then you must be in the game for as long as possible and this is the reality of playing in online casinos when it comes to any card or table game.

Even with the don’t pass and don’t come bets a player is best off to keep the numbers low on what they wager. After the shooter has rolled the dice, you will see the odds decrease as you then go into the laying bets.

This time, you can win with a better advantage which leads to the point play that the shooter is hoping to roll.

The changing odds in laying bets after shooter rolls

Odds offered:
  • 1x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.7%
  • 2x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.5%
  • 3x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.3%
  • 3x, 4x, 5x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.3%
  • 5x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.2%
  • 10x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.1%
  • 20x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.07%
  • 100x: the house edge on the pass / come = 0.01%

Small bankroll strategy to help wins

If you don’t have a big bankroll it can be hard to get a real foothold over the game and you’ll be limited to the number of tables you can join if wanting to play against the live dealer.

So, what does the field of play offer to those with a limited number of chips? What if you forget to claim a free casino bonus offer to bolster your bankroll? Here we look at the way players can start betting low money to gain wins at the craps table and get established in the game for the long-haul so you can buy round after round of bets off of the small wins you will make.

Cutting risk out of Craps

The best strategy to reduce the risk is to not play any of the come bets and go for the pass odds. This keeps the risks lower when you bet on the rolls during the point stage.

This has a downside in that you’re only able to play and win from one number. For some, this is boring as a player. If you don’t want to play single number games, there are low odds that can adjust your involvement at the table.

This means betting on pass and come, for this, you can either bet the shooter will roll as a pass or not roll as a don’t pass.

Playing smart with low chips

Alternatively, you can bet on 6 and 8 which is only slightly higher risk than the pass and come bet. Though, these are the most frequently rolled numbers in craps, other than 7.

You could also bet on pass, adding the additional place bet of 6 and 8.


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