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Craps: The patient field technique

Of all the strategies that are purported to help increase the odds of winnings at craps, there is one that goes beyond the methodology of the Sharpshooter. While this very interesting technique can allow you to enjoy a considerable advantage at craps in traditional land based casinos, it remains ineffective when playing online. The method of ‘The Patient Field’, a method based on patience and observation, is on the contrary more likely to give you relief at the end of a game of online craps than actually during it.

Patience really is a virtue

The effectiveness of this technique dubbed ‘Patient Field’ is based on probability and mathematical studies. This strategy requires logical thinking and requires you to carefully watch the game in its entirety. From observations made during the game you are then required to make a decision or a string of decisions on what direction you should take. The goal of this method is to try to get to the same level as the players who are lucky at the game. As a player you must meet certain conditions that will benefit luck, and in turn, that will help you increase your odds of winning. At this point you need to place very small bets until the fifth shot, small enough that you can ignore your own game, taking into consideration that you need enough time to watch the flow of the game carefully during the first four shots.

Is there an advantage to utilizing this technique?

The idea at this point is that for example, in the case of a win by the fifth shoot, you are likely to have started a good run. Even though this strategy is not totally infallible and sounds a little silly, its rate of effectiveness was measured by statisticians who guarantee that a player can considerably reduce heavy losses if they start to bet well at this point, more so especially if the situation changes favorably at just the right moment. Another advantage of this method is that it allows the player to stay longer than usual in the game and as a result you will save money.

The probabilities of making profit using patient field

The technique of Patient Field is nothing miraculous and produces no unexpected results. It merely encourages the player to observe the game more closely, essentially ‘biding their time’ until they feel it is the right time to play ‘for real’. In the long term, this will enable the players to conserve his bankroll until the ‘right moment’. Craps is a game in which it is extremely difficult to predict good results, and betting aggressively has no real use at all. You should know how to bet the right amount at the right time.

Players who understand when to come into a game at just the right moment certainly benefit from using the patient field technique, especially since it teaches you restraint when betting. Your opponents will see that you show calculated control and know how to effectively use your available budget, and we all know how difficult that is during the adrenaline rush of playing in the casino! At the end of the day craps is still a game of chance, what this effectively does is help you conserve enough of your bankroll so that you can win big when you feel lady luck is on your side.

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