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Craps: Player profiles

Craps attracts a certain type of player, mainly those who regularly frequent casino halls. Also, there are gamblers who never detach themselves from their seat at the roulette table. Others will stay for hours throwing money into slot machines, and there are those who will simply sit there quietly ticking their bingo cards. In other words, there is a huge diversity of players that frequent casinos. If there is one place where we find the most variety however, it is among craps players. What kind of personality is behind the face of a craps player? What drives them to play this game over others? Read on to find out.

Does craps attract a certain stereotype?

Like in all other casino games, craps players utilize a certain kind of vocabulary. Note that the atmosphere at a craps table is particularly special, filled with mystery, intrigue and charged with adrenaline. The beauty of craps is that anyone has a chance to win as it is a case of simply throwing dice and relying on lady luck for that special kiss of providence. Therefore all participants are extremely vigilant of what is going on around them. In Hollywood movies, there are always beautiful young women dressed in short skirts around the craps table. They portray suave men drinking martinis and dealers moving around huge stacks of chips. All this is false and your typical craps player knows it. Craps is a game of the people, played by everyone, regardless of professional or social status.

The emotional player

50 % of craps devotees are deemed emotional players. They feel the adrenaline charged atmosphere around the table running through their bodies and choose to roll the dice aggressively, with animosity and impertinence, and yet without letting this become a weakness. These players love the rituals that shape the craps game in casinos of this day and age. These players are greatly accustomed to the hallowed dice tables and believe in luck over everything else but they are the types of players which are unable to conceal their emotions.

The sophisticated player

You find the more sophisticated type of craps players in land based casinos than online, mainly because they have to be seen to be believed. This type of player never lets the atmosphere at the table get to them. They are the solitary but serene player, a tactician with poise and elegance in their playing style. They have a strong ability to analyze the table and think like a strategist. They are aware of the label put upon them but they do not care. The sophisticated player does not address other players at the table because he sees them as potential rivals. After all, he is there to win money and everyone else is just the enemy.

The professional gambler

The professional gambler lives for mathematical information. They are a statistician, a living breathing calculator. They know all the odds and probabilities, the limits of the table off by heart and understand their available budget in order to better anticipate their moves well in advance. You find this type of player frequently in online craps games but they are also extremely dangerous in land based casinos. The player places his bets quickly, effectively and exudes a different kind of confidence to the sophisticated player. The professional gamblers are psychologically complex beings that can adopt any specific style or attitude and this type of player is literally a chameleon, one you need to take extra care of when facing.

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