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Among the various techniques that allow you to maximize your chances when playing at craps, there is one method that is called the ‘Sharpshooter’. Sharpshooter is actually the nickname of a craps expert who wrote a book dedicated to different techniques you can employ when playing craps. Sharpshooter is well known for creating a revolutionary method to control the way the dice will land at any given time. Sounds interesting but can it really be done?

Distinction between methods

The vast majority of systems or methods in place tend to defeat the casino simply based on the comparison of bets or on the evaluation of a series of different draws. Sharpshooter’s method is revolutionary in the sense that it aims to control how the dice lands, its purpose being to allow players to land exactly what is needed at any given time. In reality the reason this technique is so powerful is that if a player is able to actually control the outcome of a dice roll, then they have practically infinite advantage over the casino and can win at any time.

The sharpshooter methodology

‘Sharpshooter’ claims to have invented a method of perfectly throwing the dice with total control over the outcome and the whole idea seems preposterous, yet the strange thing is it has already been verified as legitimate. This technique is a throw that requires you to have perfect stability throughout your body coupled with pinpoint precision and accuracy in the movement of your arm during the throw. The idea being that in this way, once thrown, the dice will bounce against the table. It’s a method in which it touches the edge of the table that enables the face of the dice to land on the desired number.

Get the Edge at Craps - How to Control the Dice is a book written by Sharpshooter and it was published first in 2002. Since then Sharpshooter also offers videos on the theory behind methods of controlling the dice and has become a regular speaker on the circuit, frequently giving talks at seminars dedicated to gambling and more. His books are available in libraries and on various internet sites.

The origins of the Sharpshooter technique

Sharpshooter previously worked as an engineer and the various positions he held in the mechanics industry, coupled with his years of learning all the theories of engineering and mechanical math, helped him to understand the principles that make up the perfect scenario when throwing dice.

His method works better than any of the other methods or techniques out there today. He claims even casino operators know that it is possible to control the outcome of a dice roll, and that in particular his method is the only one efficient and precise enough to worry them in any sort of capacity. The veracity of this claim remains debatable however. The biggest problem or flaw with this technique or any technique that claims perfect dice control is that it is not possible to use them in online casinos at all which renders them useable only in land based casinos.

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