Craps Come Bet – The Rules of Betting and Play

Craps Come Bet

When it comes to craps, this come bet is the most commonly placed of all bets. It works similar to the pass bets, which is rolled after the come bet. Here, you will learn all about the odds of the bet which is made for the opening roll in craps.

Come Bet Craps

So, to begin, the shooter starts the table game with their roll. The come bet is placed after the shooter has established the game’s point marker. The point is the number on the dice which is not either a 7 or 11 and not a 2, 3 or 10. So, the point could be any other number that the shooter has to hit on the table. This is where the come bet comes into play.

Already by now, you might be thinking that this is too complex, but don’t worry, this will become clearer. Yes, the moves and bets in craps are tricky for any new player that is greeted at the table for the first time. It may just be helpful to note that this is only a reflection of the many bets that could be placed and the come bets are just one that brings the opportunity to win money from the online casino.

Playing after the point

Once the point has been established from the first roll, the game precedes through trying to roll the point or the 7 which would see the shooter win. The pass line point is a part of the game that applies to all players around the table looking to make what is a basic pass bet. The come bet is not like this because it is your personal pass bet which is played separately from others.

To help clarify this, let’s use this example:

Let's say that you place a bet on the pass line when the game begins and the shooter on their first roll lands the number 5 which becomes the point. Several rolls continue with no 5 or 7 rolled. You can then decide to make your come bet.

You then wager a $5 come bet inside the box marked come. Once that chip is in the come box, the next roll performed by the shooter is then deemed the come-out roll.

Now, let us say, the number that lands is a 10. This now becomes your new point for your come bet. As it stands now you have two odds open, your 5 on the pass bet and the 10 on your come bet. If the shooter rolls 10 again you win your come bet if 7 is rolled the bet is lost and you lose your pass and come bets.

More on the come bet move

The come bet is placed by the player, putting the chips in the come box, the dealer then moves those chips to their square point number box to highlight the come point number. So, don’t be shocked if the house moves the chips during a live dealer game played in your online casino.

With the pass line bet, players can get odds on the come point. Unlike the bet with the pass line, where you position the wagering chips yourself, the dealer has to position the come odds for you. So, place the chips for the come odds bet in the come box and inform the dealer that you wish to put odds on your come. That dealer will then place the bet for you.

Continuing the come bet

So, once the bet is wagered with the come odds, the next roll with the dice is the come-out roll which is for the bet you’ve just placed on the point number or the don’t come bet which is hoping for the 7 to be rolled. With play continued, winning, losing or hitting the established point are the same if you have placed a pass line bet or a come bet.

Let us use another example for this scenario.

You’ve placed a $5 come bet, the next dice roll is the come-out roll for the come bet. Say the shooter plays an 11, this for others betting in the game means nothing. For you 11 wins you money on the come-bet, as it would be if placing a pass line bet which covers the rolls of 7 or 11 on the come-out.

Play after the point

When the point is made, the dealer will mark the pass line with the casino’s puck. However, when your come pint is marked with the chip itself. The dealer places the chip for you to cover the bet in the come box and then positions this inside the area for the point number. Now, at this game of the game, you have true odds with that come point, as you’d have with the pass line bet.

You can put down as many wagers as you want on come bets, casinos will allow you to do so. In fact, if the dice is rolling all the number but the 7, you could have seven come bets that are working for you at the same time, it’s almost a strategy to remember. Place a come bet on every point number which are 4,5,6,8,9,10. Hit the 7 and you lose to the house edge over the table.

Come Bet Odds

As mentioned, this would be confusing to any new player to the craps game, let alone to lay a wager on the come bet or pass bet solely. Once you understand the process of play, then these betting rules fall in place. The best approach at this stage is to give you more scenarios that could occur either during online games or those on the Las Vegas strip.

Gaming scenarios around the come bet

  1. The shooter lines up a come-out roll at the start of a new game. You pay a $5 bet (note: you can use free casino bonuses to play craps with). The shooter then rolls a 10, therefore, creating a point game which is now the number 10. This outcome leas you to place a $15 bet on the table with the odds on the point.
  2. Now, the only numbers that are of concern at this point are 7 and 10. If the shooter rolls neither and it lands on 4, the bet remains, and the game continues.
  3. At this stage, you might now be thinking of your first come bet. So, you place a $5 chip in the come box and hope for a win.
  4. The shooter perhaps throws an 11. Now, your pas bet, it is unaffected, so this remains for the time being. With the come bet, as this roll is 11 the bet wins.
  5. If the shooter rolls a 5 and not 11, your pass bet is still unaffected. Remember in point 1 the point was 10. With 5 as the new come point, you can now wager odds on the come point ad you do this with, say, $6. So, at this point, there are three bets in place on the craps table that you’re hoping pays off.
  6. The next roll comes in as a 3. Still, the first pass bet is open and so too is the come bet.
  7. The next roll is an 8. The pass remains open and so to the come bet.
  8. Finally, the shooter hits a 10. This is the bet placed on the point and the game is over and you win money back off the odds. The come bet is unaffected so a new game must begin, and you collect your return.

So, lots of numbers there, but this is a numbers game that you have to predict. At this stage, we advise any new players to practice using the free demos. They are available to play on any mobile device and you can play for free without any restrictions or limitations.


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