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How to Play Craps: Taking Aim and Shooting for the Big Payouts

So here we all are wanting to know just how to play craps. As we pick up this question we will look at craps strategy and the rules to assist this learning curve.

Online craps is now a big game online and found in any casino. Our craps casino strategy will teach you all the lingo involved like the come out roll, knowing what the pass line bet is, why you come out as a shooter in live games. You’ll learn more about the house edge before you play a game for real money, understand the round levels of tournament games. Any key aspect from the number of wagers you can put down when you place bets to knowing what a ‘line don’t pass’ marker is. So don’t pass beyond this article until you have tried the free demo games made to help you hit the craps table and see some winning tactics pay off.

New gambler can discover what are the rules of craps are and use our free games as practice with no risks

More recently online casinos have shown an increasing trend in promoting multiple weekly craps tournaments. They make them even more accessible because they set low "buy-ins" and as a result these tournaments have become very popular because entry comes at a lower cost. On top of this, when tournaments are played through online casinos, the player also benefits from a whole slew of extras, be it various cash prizes or additional comp or VIP points. Now let’s look at other ways of how to play craps.

Looking at craps gambling when you’re playing inside Crap tournaments online for real money

Now we take a look at the craps casino rules when it comes to playing against opponents in the tournament arena. A craps tournament generally offers a five figure sum when it comes to the main prize, although sometimes this may depend on the number of participants involved at the time. A table of winnings and a leaderboard is displayed which shows the positioning of the ten best players throughout the tournament. The difficulty of this type of tournament is that it requires a lot of patience to cope with the length of play. At this point you are playing against thousands of other participants and not just the house.

The most important rules of craps is knowing how to budget and betting wisely for more wins

The first problem you must overcome in online craps is staying in the competition as long as possible. You have to be strong over the long-term, so avoid taking risks and bet conservatively. After one hour, if you are still in contention, you will have out played a good proportion of your opponents and you can afford to change up your strategy. At this stage of the competition, you can win very simply by having a good defence, that is to say, by losing less than the other players.

There are a number of different rules for craps when undertaking the strategies, here are some for you

The strategy that you employ during a tournament differs from the one used when playing against the house however the rules are indeed the same with craps online. When playing online, some software allows you to open multiple windows and observe the games of your opponents. The second step is to keep an eye on other players. This is essential if you want to get to the next phase. If at this point you have won $200, you need to watch the players who are just above and below you, those who are between $100 and $300, not only to avoid being overtaken but also for a chance to overtake others in a better position than you.

Once you have mastered the knowledge of the craps rules then you can begin to overtake your opponents

After two hours of surviving the tournament, even though craps online can be harsh and unforgiving, it is time to take a few calculated risks. At this point you need to stop coasting and start to pull out in front of all the players who have more or less achieved the same level as you. If you have $200 and your opponent also has $200, instead of betting only $90, bet $100. Sometimes taking risks, such as doubling your bets can help to outperform other players. This is not a desperate way to play but at this point we must be honest to ourselves, ‘all in’ at this point or go home. An advantage of a mile between runners during a marathon for example will win you the race and in a craps tournament there is no difference.

That should about do it for the rules of casino craps when taking part in a tournament. Enjoy the free games and hope they help with how to learn craps and beat the odds, enjoy!

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