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Below you will find our dictionary of terms relating to online casino games. Are you unfamiliar with any expression or word associated with betting games? No problem, our editorial team has created a very useful concise glossary just for you!

House edge

A term used to describe the commission which is retained by the online casino from players’ winnings. The house edge varies according to game type and operator.


Bonuses are promotions and commercial offers that are available to players before or after registration. There are a numerous types of bonus available. Some are free while others are subject to an obligation of purchase or deposit. The most lucrative bonuses are the welcome bonus or deposit bonus.

No-deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a no purchase bonus, and therefore always free. This bonus is offered to users who do not currently have an account. Usually it allows them to play the free games and use certain services on the operator's web site. The no deposit bonus will never usually exceed the sum of $10.

Welcome bonus

Typically the welcome bonus is the flagship promotion of an online casino. It can reach up to large sums that are very advantageous to the player. This bonus is calculated as a percentage of the amount of the deposit made by the player and benefits from either double, triple or even quadruple the money paid into their account.

VIP bonus

Loyalty bonuses, also called VIP bonuses, allow for members of an online casino to join a special club where they can enjoy numerous gifts and rewards. VIP members of an online casino are often longstanding customers and have the opportunity to enjoy benefits reserved for them such as games consoles, gift vouchers or even trips.

High Roller Bonus

This type of bonus is offered to players who typically bet very large sums of money and who wish to enjoy a promotion that is directly suited to the size of their wallet.

eWallet bonus

By using specific payment methods that are recommended by online casinos, such as electronic wallets Moneybookers and Neteller, players can receive discounts ranging from 10% to 15% off their first deposit.

Fair Gaming

Fair gaming remains a key element of player’s rights. In online casinos, random number generators (RNG) ensure the fairness and the totally random nature of draws. These programmes are tested and verified by specialised laboratories which verify each algorithm in order to ensure that no player has more advantages than another.


Flash versions of casino software allow players to access their favorite games via any desktop or mobile device that runs the flash plug-in and is connected to the internet.


Casino software that has been coded in HTML5 allows players to access their preferred games via any device they like, desktop or mobile, regardless of operating system. Retaining the same graphics quality regardless of platform, HTML5 allows for games with full cross compatibility at release.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are unique jackpots in a league of their own which constantly increase. A progressive jackpot of a game actually increases in size the more players bet on it. Jackpots of this nature are usually associated with slot machines but these days operators have been applying them to a number of different games.

Fun mode

Online casinos’ ‘fun mode’ allows visitors to play games for free. Although certain operators oblige users to create accounts, others permit free and direct access to the games of their choice. Money cannot be bet or won when playing in ‘Fun mode’.

Real mode

Unlike ‘Fun mode’, ‘Real mode’ requires a player to open an account and make a cash deposit. This mode will then permit the player to entertain themselves with the casino’s games collection while attempting to place cash bets and win cash prizes.

Comp points

Comp points are a form of currency used in online casinos. A player’s comp points accumulate progressively with each bet they place. Once they have been accumulated beyond a certain point they may be exchanged for cash or exclusive gifts.

Payout percentages

A payout percentage is a percentage which indicates the amount of money paid to players for a particular entertainment category. This percentage also known as the player return rate can easily equal 85% on certain slot machines.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions take the form of a text imposed by online casinos and which must be accepted and adhered to by players. It is a charter which explains the rights and duties of the player, the requirements and conditions they must adhere to as well as the recourse that they may have with regards to the law in the event of complaints or litigation. The player must always read and accept the terms and conditions of the contract which connect them to the casino before registering.

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