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Casino Forums and Social Communities

Gone are the days when people interested in similar pastimes got together to discuss them and participate in them together. In fact, pretty much these days most forms of ‘physical’ communication where people meet to discuss things they find interesting are long gone. Traditional land based clubs and special interest groups have given way to their online equivalents, in much the same way land based casinos did when online casinos were invented. Now people turn to the internet for their favourite sources of daily information, joining online communities focused on special interests. We’re not saying this is necessarily a bad thing at all because it’s a natural form of evolution in today’s digital age. In some respects it’s quite a positive revolution in terms of expansion of knowledge bases and depth of information that’s available on particular subjects.

The same applies to players of casino games. Whereas before, players would hang at the land based casino perhaps sharing tips and game strategies around the tables or at the bar, or even buy specialist print magazines to read about strategies and game guides, nowadays there are online forums and communities dedicated to online casinos and the games they offer. Players can simply go to their favourite websites dedicated to casino games and strategies to find out all the information they need, joining various discussions about their favourite games and related strategies.

What is an online forum?

Certain websites contain forums which operate like an online message board. You can sign up to these forums to become involved in current discussions or even start a new discussion based on the topic or question of your choice. From here people may contribute to your discussion or another active discussion. They can answer any questions that you might need help with and likewise you can share your knowledge with other people and answer any questions or queries they might have. Forums usually have a long list of frequently asked questions for you to check in case there’s something you’re unsure of that seems like it may be a common subject. They can also serve to inform members about potential problems and much larger issues, allowing its members to comment about their own related experiences.

On any online forum you can find two main types of member. The first is known as an active member and they are usually the type that gets involved with most discussions, often starting new ones themselves and are generally very active across the whole message board. The second type is classed as passive or a ‘lurker’. This type of member doesn’t really get involved with discussion on the message board, instead they are simply there to search for information or tips on whatever subject or game they need.

Communities on Social Media

The popularity of social media means that most communities have a voice these days. The same is definitely true for online casinos and their player base. On social media sites like Facebook and Twitter there are groups dedicated to online casino games and on here you can find like-minded people generally interested in either the industry or the player community itself. You’re also likely to find representatives from different parts of the industry that wish to engage with their player base to find out what they like and dislike about certain games or online establishments. Social media helped bridge the gap between operators, suppliers and consumers, giving them an opportunity to come together and discuss every aspect of the online casino industry.

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