Free Time bonuses

Free Hour bonuses are a great type of promotion available to everyone. You find this type of promotion mainly at online casinos who carry Microgaming software as it’s a type of bonus that’s usually offered by the developers themselves than the online establishment.

The casino will credit your account with a no-deposit bonus of up to $1500 and from then you have a whole hour in which to win an amount greater than the bonus amount that you start with. The result is a reward of a bonus amount that is higher than the amount given to you for free during the promotion. It’s a great promotion which allows you to play without risk and helps you get a good idea of what that particular casino has to offer you.

Terms and Conditions

As with the majority of online casinos, there will always be a set of conditions that are applicable to the use of their bonus promotions. We suggest carefully reading these in advance before activating any bonuses in order to avoid confusion and disappointment.

With the Free Hour bonus promotion you generally must make at least 100 bets as well as earn more in winnings than your original bonus amount before your account is credited with a bonus reward. It’s always advisable that when playing under these circumstances to bet large enough to hit your profit target, then taper down the betting into smaller sized bets in order to meet the wagering requirements

Our guarantee to you

In order to be able to bring you these types of exclusive bonuses, we’ve built up long standing relationships with our partner casinos. In fact most of these bonuses have been tailored to meet your needs specifically, through feedback we’ve received and also knowing the preferences of our player base. We make sure that all promotions are tested by our team and that we review each bonus periodically to ensure they meet our high standards. You can use all these bonuses confidently, knowing that they will be the best and most exclusive available to you.