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Fun Mode

Fun mode is an essential part of online casino games. Though it didn’t exist in the past, it’s a term created by online casinos as no land based casinos offer a free mode on any of their games. It’s essentially the opposite of the real money mode and allows you to play through a selection of games for free before you go on to play them for real money.

The features of Fun mode

In this game mode you are not required to make any deposits to play which ever game you choose. It works both ways in the sense that you will never win any real money from playing in fun mode. A lot of players simply negate playing this mode because of that very reason. If you’re one of those players, there’s no need to worry because fun mode can still be very beneficial to you.

The interesting thing about Fun mode is that because you have basically infinite credits you can play through certain games to find out if they could be a potential earner for you. Although some players think that free mode differs from real money mode in terms of progression or odds and payout, the actual truth is that they are completely the same.

Key advantages for the player

Playing in real mode is definitely more exciting because you bet real money which provides the adrenaline rush during the game. You might say to yourself, but what is the point of playing roulette if I don’t actually care where the ball lands? Think again because Fun mode has a lot to offer you, take a look at the following:

  • You play completely free without dipping into your own wallet. Remember that a percentage of our visitors use a casino as a means of relaxation and are not interested in winning or spending money.
  • Playing in Fun mode makes it possible to try out slot machines, video poker or any other game without losing your own bankroll. You can be certain then of the games that you really enjoy before choosing to take them into real money mode.
  • If there are strategies you need to learn or practise, such as referring to what hands to play when in blackjack, you’re able to practise them under real playing conditions, again without losing real money which proves to be beneficial.

Fun mode is a brilliant invention which is often overlooked versus the benefits it can potentially provide.

What about our website?

At Casino Bonuses you can find plenty of free games that we have uploaded and maintained through various partnerships with online operators. Here you can make use of them to practise strategies or simply to help you decide which you would like to play for real. We will even tell you which casino you can access to play them for real money and provide you with an exclusive bonus to help you on your way!

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