Rules and Strategy

General Points

Before you dive head first into playing at an online establishment, we highly encourage you to discover this landscape by reading a few articles that have been specially crafted by us to give you a better understanding of the mysterious world of online casinos. This will allow you to become more familiar with the setting you’re about to become a part of, because make no mistake, once you play at an online casino armed with this knowledge, it will change the way you look at things regarding casinos in general.

The History of Online Casinos

Can any study really be undertaken without a few historical reference points? This seems impossible in our eyes so we’ve summoned the team’s historian, who’s generally responsible for discovering all the back stories and lore of each casino game, to tackle a more recent issue; the creation of online casinos, their emergence on the internet and their subsequent success. It makes for an interesting read so be sure not to pass up the opportunity!

The Basics

There are many elements of online establishments that make up different parts of the whole experience and a lot of these may be new to you if you’ve just started playing. In order for you to get a proper picture and also to have a strong point of reference, we put together a few articles to explain the different things you might see when playing online. Here you can find a glossary and some dedicated articles which will teach you about the various options, different concepts and all the special features found at an online casino.

The 10 Commandments

Before you enter into the ‘sacred temple’ worshipped at by players worldwide (and yes, we do mean the casino!), you’re going to have to read our 10 Commandments for casino players. We assure you they’re by no means restrictive, their purpose is to enable you to adopt the proper mind-set when accessing your favourite online casino.

Choosing the right Online Casino

Our intention is to always be completely straight with you. Although 99% of online gaming establishments are highly reputable, and by that we mean playing on their site poses no risk whatsoever, there will always be that 1% of casinos which may turn out to be a disappointment to you. Yet again there’s no need to worry at all, we are here to support you at every turn and it’s now that we’re going to teach how to spot the right casinos in order to only play at trustworthy establishments.

Advice to help you Win Online

Here at Casino Bonuses Index we provide you with loads of strategies and guides for each game to help you win, but before that we have a number of hints and tips you should check out in order to keep your game experience kosher. The contents of the next page will explain what we mean in greater detail.

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