Rules and Strategy

How to Choose an Online Casino

At present if you view the online casinos that are available out there on the internet, you will find there are literally thousands to choose from. We don’t endorse them all because certain ones do not meet our standards or criteria that we set out when deciding what makes an online casino truly great. So how do you really find an online casino that’s going to suit you? One that enables you to have a good time, all the while providing good service and a clearly defined set of rules, not forgetting detailed payment information? We have our own way of selecting which online casino to play at and we suggest you take a look at our method and follow it. It consists of simply verifying certain information relating to the casino.

An online casino is similar to a person. When you encounter someone for the first time you make a first impression which helps you in deciding if you like them or not. Similarly, once you arrive at an online casino, your first impression will make you instantly aware of whether or not you want to play there based off certain factors; the sites design and layout for example will be instrumental in deciding whether or not you want to delve further into the site once you’ve landed there. If you’re not instantly impressed then don’t waste your time and move on to trying another one out for size.

The Games at Online Casinos

In an online casino you will find a whole host of games available to you, but do you know which ones they are? You should be able to see the entire range that the casino operator is offering you displayed easily on the site. Then depending on your personal preference you might be attracted to one game over another so this is when being able to review the entire catalogue becomes useful. It needs to be a well-stocked catalogue for one, mainly given the amount of time you’re likely to spend at the casino it would be nice to switch up the games once in a while. It’s a big plus point if the online casino offers a huge variety of titles.

The Advantages of an Online Casino

So we asks ourselves, Why not play in a conventional casino? After all it’s a valid question at the end of the day. Once you learn the advantages that an online casino has over its land based sibling, you won’t have any doubts about which you should be playing at. One of the biggest factors that an online casino has over a traditional one is the bonus system which is present 99.9% of the time. You have the opportunity to claim huge welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and on occasion some no deposit bonuses as well. They also run weekly promotions and provide benefits such as comp points and VIP bonuses on top of everything else. Other things to consider include the responsiveness and professionalism of the customer service team with regards to your interactions. There are also factors such as what payment or deposit/withdrawal systems are used and what level of security is provided at each online establishment.

Payout Percentages and Rates

Do you know how to choose a good slot machine? Or even a good video poker machine for that matter? In order to choose an appropriate game, one key point of information you need to know is what payout percentage is offered by each machine. Knowing the payout percentage of various machines will make it possible for you to fine tune your choice.

Casino games and the House Edge

Another detail you need to know is the house edge, that is the % the casino takes off each win you generate dependant on game type. This is extremely important in the sense you could make more money playing at certain online casinos over others. After all wouldn’t it be nice if you played at an online casino who issued payments even on losing bets? It’s true that the operators always hold a small mathematical advantage over you when you’re playing their games. The house edge is present in every online and land based casino but what does it really mean? We take a look at what it’s all about and give you some examples to help you choose the casino game that’s right for you.

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