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Keno is an ancient Chinese lottery game that caught up with the digital age with its inclusion into many online casinos gaming portfolios. It’s a game of chance and players love to indulge in keno to try to beat the odds and scoop a big jackpot win. It’s because keno is such a simple game that it doesn’t really allow for the formulation of strategies.

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Keno Online

The rules of keno

There are some strategies that are designed to stretch your bankroll out to its maximum but in keno your winnings will always be determined by how lucky you are at that moment in time.

In keno the rules are very simple. There are 80 possible numbers of which 20 will be drawn during a round. Before the draw, you select between 1-10 numbers that you think could possibly be drawn and mark them on a special slip of paper much like a lottery slip. You present your ticket along with you wager and wait for the draw to see if you’ve hit any of the numbers. If you do hit a combination of numbers you’re paid out according to how many you match. The rules for the online version of the game are the same as its land-based sibling.

Keno strategies

To mention strategies when it comes to keno seems like a bit of an oxymoron as you have no real influence over anything except the numbers you choose. There are, however, certain elements of your game which you can look at to get the best possible outcome. This includes studying payment tables from various land-based and online casinos to see which is the most beneficial for you. We recommend coupling this with a nice deposit or welcome bonus from an online casino as this gives you some extra bankroll with which to play.

If you are new to the game of keno, it's best to try experimenting with different combinations of numbers and opt for free keno. This will give you more confidence when you start using real money.

The history of keno

Keno is an ancient game of chance whose roots can be traced all the way back to China during the Han dynasty. It gradually moved across the world and ended up in America as a result of Chinese immigration. Here it made some evolutions in terms of game rules and specifics but ultimately remains unchanged from its original form. The introduction of online casinos made the game more popular and as a result of this, it’s now possible to play keno all around the world in both land-based and online casinos.

The basics of keno

Keno is probably one of the easiest games to access because of its simplicity. It follows a very similar format to a national or state lottery. You select your numbers on a ticket and then wait for a draw to see if they hit. Some people draw parallels between keno and bingo but the truth is the only similarity is that both games use 80 numbers. It’s very straightforward in terms of betting but some online casinos now offer special side bets which are designed to take the monotony out of the game for some players.

Winning a keno tournament

Even games like keno have a tournament version. This was originally designed and made popular by online casinos once they adopted the game for online play. Depending on the number of players registered in the tournament, the prize pool will be split amongst the top 10 of the tournament which can be followed via the tournament leaderboard. To be in with a good chance to win you need to have a strategy devised for your bets and you must keep an eye on the tournament rankings at all times, not only to keep track of where you stand overall, but to enable you to make the right moves at the right time because in a keno tournament, timing can be critical.

Keno players

Players of casino games come in all shapes and sizes. Keno is no different in this respect and the types of players we find playing in the keno hall at a land-based casino or playing online often follow some similar stereotypes or traits. This can range from beginners to would be strategists and all the way through to the high rollers at a land-based casino. One thing is for sure and that is they all have the same level of passion for keno and for some it’s the only game the play.

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