Keno Numbers – Guide to Picking the Best Keno Numbers

Keno Numbers

Is there a magical system that forecasts and allows you to pick the right numbers in keno? Well in this guide, we discuss the possibilities of selecting the right keno numbers, so that you get you a winning return from the game online. Hot and cold numbers, superstitious numbers and your own personal favorites.

Is there a method to the madness of Keno?

If you play lottery games, then you know your ticket stands a 1 in 6 million chances of winning. If you play bingo, then your odds are reduced depending on those involved in the same game. Keno is something special that finds itself somewhere in the middle of all these lottery games. Win and the prize is staggering, but the odds, leave people questioning the worthiness and often choose to go for something else.

Types of online Keno

If you are feeling lucky enough to give the keno game a go, then you will be able to find many titles, variants and styles online.

The most common form of keno found in any gambling website is the virtual format of keno. As you search through the gaming options, keno is presented in several ways, taking on unique styles and themes as the developers make them to be as appealing as they can be to the casino members.

On a rare occasion, you may spot a live keno game. These really are rare in the online market, but to exist out there.

What does Keno offer player?

Keno is a game that indeed is a bit of bingo and a bit of lottery. Your option to wager is more open given that you can check the types of bets - like multipliers and high and low sections of the box to win from. The multiplier in some games can return up to 10 times more money on winnings.

The drawing of numbers that you match up on your tickets, gives that added dose of thrill and excitement just like bingo. The cost of playing in the online format does have an effect on the prizes' value. If you purchase a lower costing ticket, the amount you win back will not be as high as those tickets selected at a larger cost.

The Numbers – What’s the winning option?

So, what numbers should be played? Many players playing the game have a lackadaisical approach, putting fate in the hands of the game and marking any number at random. This is an approach we will cover, yet also looking at what the professionals do. In this section, we discuss those special numbers to a player; hot and cold numbers that come up during a game, lucky numbers (if there is such a thing) and patterned numbers that occur which you can decide to choose from one game to another.

Special numbers

Easily the most common formation of numbers picked are those 'special numbers'. If your birthday is January the 8th 1979, then you are most likely going to opt for 1 being Jan, 8, 19 and 79, dates, year, times and anything that is of significance will take up spots on the card you play.

These fall into the category of lucky numbers also but on a more personal level. Should they be drawn, then they may continue to draw on these, times and times again.

Hot and Cold

The terms 'hot and cold' come from what is drawn during a game. when you stare at your computer whilst you play keno, you may note down commonly winning numbers - these are the 'hot' ones. 'Cold' being those that appear more infrequently. So, you hedge your bets on the ticket based on the number of hot ones landing or you take the risk of going cold so somewhat pay the odds that they should come about sooner or later.

The "number frequency strategy" has been formed in Germany many decades ago. Testing was done over a two-month period on the national game, finding the highest frequency and the lowest.

Lucky numbers

These are what can be described as 'lucky ones culturally'. Luck does win games, they bring the prize home in all number of games, even outside of keno. So, what lucky numbers can you draw on to have the prizes in keno land for you?

Number 7 is considered the most well-known one. Linked to biblical references, the days in the week, virtues, wonders of the world and so on, it may even be the shirt number of a world-class footballer.

In China, it is played many times because of the cultural significance. But is it one that you should choose?

How about number 8? Another cultural one linked to Chinese and Japanese people that see this as the sign of prosperity and wealth. This symbol of an infinite universe, if placing the 8 on its side, makes it the second most commonly used number in these cultures.

3 is the option for those in Sweden and Italy. Again, a biblical reference to the holy trinity, so if you want god on your side when you wager a hefty amount on your next ticket, place a 3 down to better your odds on the draw.

Patterned numbers

Though the number may drop at random, whilst playing, you may notice patterns occurring on the tickets that could be a sign on picking the right spots of the box, in which, to mark your next round of bets on.

Players will look at the corner numbers, Diamond patterns which avoid corner numbers. Then you have what is known as the bull’s eye; focusing on those centered in the middle. Patterns can also exist in rows or columns and paired numbers that will often appear in games.

Playing at random

The popular casino move, throwing all costs to the idea that if it is your time, then it will happen. This form of play has no real difference to any other form of picking numbers really. Any selected group is open to chance so playing like this has just as much opportunity to bring in winnings through randomly selected numbers.

Development of strategically picking the right number

So, is keno a game that offers zero skill? May that play will say the game is only about luck, hence why it is in the lottery section. Winning will only happen if your ticket just happens to match that of what is drawn. No matter how you choose, the odds cannot be altered, so what can players do to win the cash prize at the end of the draw?

Practice, practice and more practice

The first step a player could take is practicing with free demo games online. Virtual keno is special, there are many variants of the game that you can search for on your computer, but keep in mind that many are already here on our website. These are made by different software developers and, in turn, make some harder to play than others, and some easier to win on than others.

Time could be better spent learning which ones are profitably better to play on than others, so when you join a casino, you’re not wasting money buying tickets on the harder games. Once you have practiced and played on the free demos, you will have a clearer understanding of which titles give you a better return on the drawn numbers, which have a multiplier system as a bonus option and this is only the real strategy that exists for players.

Round up on Keno

The prizes vary depending on how much you place down as a wager. You can collect bonus offers that will help to purchase more tickets. If you spot patterns in play, then why not go with it, it has the same chance as opting for cold numbers.

All new players can claim a welcome bonus offer with which is a match deposit bonus from the TOP 10 keno casinos.


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