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Keno Player Profiles

Keno is a lottery game that is similar to a national or state lottery format and can be found in most online casinos. Contrary to most casino games where players compete with each other; keno is a game that involves only one player. It’s a pure game of chance thus it’s very difficult to establish a strategy to increase your chances of winning. With a game like keno there’s more of a psychological element involved in playing the game. Players all fit different profiles and the results are a mix of varying characters and reasons for playing. In this article we’re going to look at some of those player types.

The beginner

With keno the luck factor is more critical than anything else. As the saying goes ‘beginners luck’ and in most games it’s the newbies who seem to enjoy more of that luxury. Mostly they are sceptical of the game, purely because they haven’t experienced it yet, but once they play a few times it seems to quell their curiosity as its pretty straight forward. Like all good things, luck comes to an end at some point and the beginner will treasure those early wins in the long run.

The superstitious player

Some players believe in a higher power when it comes to games of chance. The myths and superstition which surround certain games is what attracts them initially, afterward playing for sheer enjoyment with a firm belief in lady luck and fate as the deciding factor on whether they win or lose. They usually have 2 sides, a positive side where caution is thrown into the wind to favour chance over reasoning, and a negative side where anxiety and addiction rule the player’s decisions.

The strategist

This type of player is a tactician who endeavours to use mathematics as a way of ensuring victory. When we talk about keno then strategy is non-existent, but these types of player believe they can adapt a strategy out of the numbers which have been drawn previously. They keep a detailed record of results and try to calculate odds via whatever statistical data they can find.

The spendthrift

Commonly called a high roller, the spendthrift is likely to have a sizeable bankroll with which to bet on games of chance. They enjoy the rush of having a quick flutter and so can bet large amounts when it comes to the casino. Neither a dreamer nor a strategist, they don’t care if they win or lose, they just enjoy the short burst of adrenaline that games like keno can bring.

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