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How to Play Keno – Learn the Keno Rules the Easy Way

Keno is a lottery game of Chinese origin. It became known in the United States of America in the 19th Century when Chinese immigrants established themselves in the country. It’s a very easy game to play but quite a difficult one to win because the odds against winning the jackpot are so high, even with online Keno games.

How to play keno: Easy to Follow Keno Rules for Beginners

Keno is the ideal game to play in-between rounds of other casino games. Each round of keno is called a race and there can be a long time in-between ‘races’. Some casinos offer one round after the next continuously so there’s no need to wait.

The general game of keno is fairly straight forward. There are 80 possible numbers of which 20 will be drawn.

  • All you have to do is choose 1-10 numbers that you think will be drawn during the game and mark them on a ticket.
  • You pay your wager as you hand in your ticket.
  • You wait for the draw and see if any of your numbers came out.

You can only compete for the main jackpot if you choose 10 numbers. This style of play is very similar to a national lottery game. When you play keno online it’s not much different. Instead of filling out a ticket you simply select the numbers you wish to bet on and place your bet value via the games interface.

Bets and pay-outs: Making your fortune from Keno play

The minimum price per bet depends on the casino you play at, but it’s usually set at around $1. If you play online or via a keno machine you can see what the payout tables are on the screen. It will always vary based on the quantity of numbers that you’ve chosen.

For example, if you’ve chosen 4 numbers in total then you only need to hit 2 of those numbers to win and if for example, you’ve chosen 10 numbers in total then you only need 5 to win and so on.

The bigger the numbers selected then the bigger the payout will be.

How to choose the numbers?

There are a number of ways you can choose the numbers you play and what spots to pick. Those that have played this for longer have their lucky spots. For them, they are the best spot to pick but there really is no best spots.

A player can only guess what will come up in the draw and if they are lucky to win prizes from their predictions, then it never will have come down to a date of birth or superstition.

Like any game, be it video poker, blackjack, roulette, and even slot machines, winnings are purely circumstantial with no strategy involved if the truth be told to players.

You can wager and select the numbers you consider to be more favorable just by assessing the game. These are known in keno betting as hot and cold numbers. When you spend a good amount of time playing at the table, your card also becomes a notepad of marking down which numbers appear more and less than others to use on your next round of bets.

Keno players have been doing this since the game hit Las Vegas in the early ‘60s. The rules of picking the numbers you then pay on, are totally relative to you as a gambler taking a chance to match in hope and cash out a huge multiplier payoff.

Machines designed for keno: Understanding the online casino systems

In some casinos it’s possible to play at specially designed machines dedicated to keno. The advantage of this type of machine is that it allows players to avoid having to wait for specific rounds to finish or start up again to play. With this type of machine, there is no need for a keno ticket because it works much the same as online keno in that you select your numbers via the screen. In this format, keno becomes what’s known as an ‘instant game’.

The Keno virtual machines work according to algorithms

There is one thing to be aware of with it comes to keno machines and this comes down to how the casino software programmers make their games. As with all the virtual machines in the casinos, how you win is all down to the algorithm that is found inside them. Yes, this is a numbers game, but your ticket may not be as random as you think even when it comes to picking your own numbers.

There are two programs in play here. The online machines are made with RTP and RNG algorithms. The first is the Return to Play system that are popular in online casinos, especially with those playing slot machines.

The Return To Player (RTP)

The RTP will base any win relative to the money that has gone into the machine. Regardless of the number of tickets you play or what is drawn, if the percentage of money going into the machine doesn’t match the requirement, then it is unlikely that a prize will drop.

The odds are, therefore, percentage-based when you bet on a winning outcome in keno.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

The other lottery machine is the RNG, this is a random number generator that is as random as you when you pick the spots that you wish to mark off. Winning this way is fairer with more realistic odds.

Be sure to choose the RNG format before you wager anything. The gaming details in the information section of the game will inform you of what you have selected.

Experience Live lottery games

There are very, very few live versions of keno that plays online with multiplayer. They are rare and hard to find. Your best bet in accessing these live rooms would be inside specialist bingo casinos.

There, you will get a live experience just as you would in Las Vegas. The best thing about playing in these games is the winning prizes can only be won by those inside the room. Otherwise, with most keno games, you have a thousand plus players from all over the world trying to win the one payout from the same machine, which makes things a lot harder.

If you have an interest, grab your free bonus from our top casinos that are open to every new player and will enable you to place free bets on the card you get free.

Where to play keno: Discover the world of Keno around you

At a land-based casino, keno is played in specially designated rooms. Once you’ve paid to play you then have access to the main keno room. In here the results of each round are displayed on large screens.

There is usually a system of ‘couriers’ in place to take your tickets and bring you your winnings. It’s therefore really important to keep track of your games at a land-based casino.

At an online casino, things operate pretty much automatically in that the computer will automatically payout on any wins and it’s able to auto recognize what you have compared to the draw.

Conclusion on the Keno game

Is there some magical way of predicting the right keno numbers in a game to land a winning ticket?

There are some casino strategies out there but let us not fool ourselves. Those that play games in casinos that are number-based have to remember this is full-on lottery odds. Yes, a win will bring the large online jackpots, but getting the right bet is harder to pick.

Sure, the more tickets you buy will better the odds of a prize being drawn. But for now, all you can hope for is finding a huge free bonus to play with so to save you spending your own finances.

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