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Keno Strategy

At first glance, Keno looks like a very simple game. It’s composed of 80 balls, 20 of which can be selected during the game, meaning that your chances of winning are about one in three. However, the more numbers you choose, the more difficult it is to calculate the total winnings you are likely to collect.

Let's look at an example, First you choose five numbers. In some casinos you will only win if you hit a minimum of three numbers you’ve chosen. If this is the case, you receive a payout of 2 to 1, but if you hit four of the numbers then the payout will be 10-1. You can even go as far as a payout of 250-1 if you pick five matching numbers. This game in essence is very player friendly. Here is an example of the odds required to win that are applicable in some online casinos:

Numbers matchedOdds to winPays out
311 to 12 to 1
482 to 110 to 1
51550 to 1250 to 1

In this sense the game doesn’t seem very profitable but the counter argument is that the game is designed to be fun above all else. It’s certain at least that at some point you will land some numbers. You might be lucky enough to match over 5 numbers in which case the prizes would scale accordingly.

Some casinos will provide keno games where the maximum amount of numbers you can choose is set to 10 instead of 20. The payment table for this type of keno will be different to the standard version. Here is an example of this type of payment table

Numbers matchedOdds to winPays out
518 to 12 to 1
686 to 120 to 1
7620 to 1100 to 1
87383 to 1500 to 1
9163,380 to 11000 to 1
108.9 million to 15000 to 1

As you can see from the table, in order to win the jackpot the odds are pretty gigantic. At the same time the jackpot is enormous so this actually balances out. It’s for these types of reason that keno is such an exciting prospect in land based and online casinos. In most cases players are tempted by the mammoth jackpots offered by some online casinos, especially if they are on a hot streak. It’s wise at this point to note the odds to hit the jackpot so we wish you luck in these respects.

When is a strategy not a strategy?

To speak of strategies in relation to keno seems farfetched since all you’re effectively doing is selecting a set of numbers and relying on luck to do the rest. At no point in the game do you have any real influence so therefore no tactic or strategy exists in that respect. For the rest you could make a comparison of different pay tables offered in different online casinos. Primarily to find which is the most favourable and play at that one. This information in conjunction with a well-designed casino bonus can prove to be your only advantage but you will need to do your homework. At the extreme end of the spectrum some players believe in certain rituals or lucky combinations as a means of winning but in reality it will always be luck that guides your fate with this game.

Some points to think about

  • Always choose a casino that offers the most favourable pay table as in keno the ultimate objective is to hit the jackpot.
  • Consider the amount of numbers you’re required to hit in total. There’s more chance to hit 5 out of 10 than 5 out of 8 for example.
  • If you decide to pay at a casino where taxes are deducted from your winnings, take care to bet accordingly. It’s more preferable to hit a prize of 250-1 than 300-1 when a tax deduction is included in the scenario.
  • Always make sure that your chances of winning are significant depending on your available bankroll. In most online keno games you will obtain a more competitive payout depending on how many tokens you use. Always take advantage of this or any other advantage you can over the house.
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