In the UK, Europe and now to some extent North America, legislation in the online gambling industry is often placed under the umbrella of monopolies or state designed models. Gradually governments have started to relax their restraints on the industry and through licensing and whitelisting of different jurisdictions have allowed private online gambling operators to flourish. The idea being that these private operators would face regulation and taxation in the same way normal business operate and thus allowing for more competition across the entire industry, giving players a huge variety and also protecting them against any dishonest operators!

Gambling Jurisdictions and Licensing

All over the world there are specific areas that have laws in place to allow for the provision of regulated gambling, both online and terrestrially. These different types of areas are referred to as jurisdictions and they are able to provide licenses to operators and also enforce regulations for online gambling. In each region you are limited to the provision of laws and regulation to certain countries, for example the UK Gambling Commission looks after the UK but there are also other jurisdictions who are able to provide licenses to companies to offer their services to UK players, such as Gibraltar or even the MGA in Malta. In our jurisdictions and licensing article we look at some of the major gambling jurisdictions in terms of area of influence, specific laws and also their role in regulating online gambling across the board.

Is online gambling legal in the USA and UK?

This is a question that we get asked a lot. There is no short answer to whether or not it’s legal to gamble in the USA or UK because the topic itself is a legal minefield when it comes to different jurisdictions and licensing authorities. In the United States of America it’s both a national and state level subject, it’s not simply the case of whether or not it’s legal because there are laws both nationally and internationally that affect the outcome even at a state level. Our article goes a long way to explain the intricacies of the laws in question and the reasons why it’s such a touchy subject.

Quality Labels

In all walks of life you will find quality labels. For example you find them on your food and beverages, on medicines you buy and even on electrical and consumer goods. Online casinos are no different in this respect; they too are subject to operating standards and can receive a quality label if they adhere to or exceed industry standards. You wouldn’t take a powerful medical drug for example if it hadn’t been rigorously tested beforehand and in this same way you shouldn’t be playing at online casinos that do not carry some form of accreditation or official seal of quality. In this article, we explain what they are in depth and also what an online casino has to do to be eligible to display them.

eCOGRA Approval

One quality label you should be on the lookout for when playing at an online casino is eCOGRA’s seal of approval. This independent agency has been responsible for certifying operators and their websites since 2003 and playing at an eCOGRA approved website can mean peace of mind for you as both a player and customer. They only award their seal of approval once an online casino has been tested and approved for compliance and adherence to a global framework of industry standards and the agency conducts regular audits of its entire membership to ensure that they keep their standards high.

Player Assistance

There’s no denying that for some people, persistent gambling can be a problem, sometimes even becoming a powerful addiction. Online casinos often provide different options within their configurable player settings to enable you to enforce limits on how much money you spend playing and also the amount of time you spend playing. The ones that do display a true dedication to the well-being of their players, after all a happy customer is one who comes back time after time. Gambling addiction is a serious problem and one that should never be taken lightly. With that said, many online casinos are committed to problem gambling and the issues that surround it, providing support for their players when it’s needed. They monitor the habits of players via powerful back office software so they can catch a problem developing before it gets out of control. These online casinos are truly dedicated to the well-being of their customers.


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