Online casinos with Live Dealers

With the goal in mind of bringing as much realism to the online setting as possible, online casino operators have started a trend recently of providing ‘Live Dealers’ for some of their more popular table games. The idea is that these individuals bring a sense of realism to your gaming experience, attempting to create the illusion of playing in a real casino. These types of dealers represent a major asset to online operators and they’re revolutionising the online casino landscape. Below is a list of the best online casinos that operate ‘Live Dealers’ as part of their online gaming experience.

Online casinos with Live Dealers

Casino Maximum BonusFirst deposit bonusBonus matchSoftwareReview Visit
1.BitstarzBitstarz$500$100+ 180 Free Spins100%
2.Lucky Niki CasinoLucky Niki Casino$100$100+ 100 Free Spins100%
3.Superior CasinoSuperior Casino

A huge marketing asset

Live dealers are above all else a huge advantage when it comes to marketing an online casino. They are typically attractive women who possess real knowledge about casino games. It’s designed to catch the player’s eye, often males, and draw them in to play. Online casinos quickly realized it was possible to increase market share by utilizing beautiful women with genuine game knowledge and experience.

A revolution in technology

Live dealers are actually introduced into the game via webcam, through the use of real time streaming technology. These real life professional dealers are filmed on set and broadcast to the players via a type of live conferencing system. In this way, you can select the dealer and game of your choice and instead of the computer dealing the cards or taking the bets, these live individuals will do all of this while bringing a more human and realistic element of interactivity to the game.

Moving towards a new standard

Before the year 2000, most online casinos fought among themselves over who had the best games with the best graphics and the best overall scenery. In today’s online casino landscape, we see that live technology has taken precedence over everything else and so online operators are constantly on a quest for innovation, it would not surprise us if more and more online casinos adopted this model in the very near future.

A lack of performance

The simple fact is that not all online software is ready to accept this kind of technology straight away. The hardware required for this on both the operators and users end is quite advanced and a very fast connection is needed to maintain an appropriate level of quality when dealing with webcams and streaming technology. As a result of this, most online casinos are not ready to adopt this model although this technology and the concept is still in its early infancy. What this does mean is that we will see a surge in this type of product in the very near future as the race for online market share continues to grow and available technology becomes cheaper and of a better quality across the board.


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