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Live Dealers

Playing at an online casino is a concept that has really reinvented the wheel so to speak. It’s a revolution that will forever change the scope of gambling as we know it today. Initially the first online casinos featured very basic software adaptations of popular casino games such as blackjack and poker. A lot of early online patrons complained due to the lack of realism that playing online afforded them. With this in mind, casino software developers have continually attempted to improve the online player’s experience, incorporating better graphics and sound FX into their games to give them as realistic a feel as possible. Then one day the game literally changed forever, and live dealer games were born.

How live dealer games work

Live dealer games revolutionized online casinos, bringing an edge of realism to existing online casino games, that was only really possible to obtain previously by playing at a land based casino. In a live dealer game, everything about the game itself is administered by a real life croupier in real time. This game mode only applies to games such as table games, where there would be a dealer present at a real casino to deal your cards, place your bets or keep track of your dice rolls. You still receive all your table info and stats via your online casino interface but your cards are dealt live and you’re able to see them via series of cameras. There is real interaction between you and the live dealer as you place your bets, giving a further layer of realism to the game.

From the operator’s standpoint, it’s actually more like running a live television broadcast than an online game. They employ professional cameramen and broadcasting specialists in order to deliver these kinds of games to their player base. Everything must be timed perfectly and both the hardware and software they employ to achieve this is of a very high level, often going beyond that of most standard live broadcasting setups used in modern television. A lot of live dealer casinos use very specialist bespoke software to deliver their gaming experience and in the industry itself there’s only a handful of developers that excel in developing software for this type of live application.

The advantages of live dealer games

Aside of being extremely fun to play and be a part of, live dealer games offer some distinct advantages over traditional online casino games. The biggest advantage would be that there can be no doubt over the validity and fairness surrounding the outcome of a game during a live dealer session. You see exactly what is dealt to you in real time, including any community cards or dice used in the game. Another distinct advantage is that by playing in this kind of scenario, you become used to the action and table etiquette at a land based casino, so the transition between playing online and terrestrially is seamless. The games themselves are more real, you are dealing with professional croupiers and it’s a much truer representation of casino gaming than typical software based casino games.

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