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Novomatic’s World Championship of Slots to debut as TV Show

Tom Lasten 30 September 2016 - 22:39:19

It’s well known that the Americans always try to be at the front of the latest trends to turn them into business, and now it’s the turn of the latest online gaming trend to make it’s own television debut: the slot machine is finally here!

One of the largest and fastest growing industries is undoubtedly the gaming industry and the online entertainment industry is always developing new ways to promote its products and services. The companies belonging to this segment are doubling their income and reinvest their profits back into the industry to always be at the forefront of new ideas. Novomatic, a manufacturer and supplier of online gaming technology is considered one of the largest companies with about 24,000 employees worldwide and have offices in more than 50 countries. Novomatic stands out for its innovation and research capacity for opening new avenues of business. This time it has taken a brave leap beyond what is considered normal entertainment and are bringing the latest trend of online slot games (which are closer to and are considered almost video game nowadays) with amazing graphics and 3D animation straight into the world of TV game shows.

First glimpse of the game shows format will be seen at this years G2E Expo in Las Vegas

Novomatic will bring all households in the United Kingdom through a television program the first world championship slot. It will take place in Vegas, showcased first on September 26 during the Vegas G2E Global Gaming Expo, an exhibition dedicated to present the latest innovations in the gaming market. There everyone will have the opportunity to experience the format, which later will become a television program that will follow qualifying rounds in ta traditional land based casino. To show off the new programs format, Novomatic made a small presentation at their booth at the expo for all attendees to catch a special first glimpse of their new TV show.

A colossal prize is waiting for all participants in the first world slot tournament game show!

This world championship organized by Novomatic has a prize or jackpot of $1,000,000 and anyone over the legal gambling age can participate in this tournament. This will undoubtedly change the way you interact with slot games and even other players, we are sure that from now on we will see new formats in casino games and slot machines competitions worldwide in line with the players love for this new trend of online games. Watch this space!

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