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Play’N GO Release New 3D Game of Chance Super Wheel!

Tom Lasten 18 October 2016 - 06:58:38

Rising stars of Swedish casino software development Play’ N GO have just released a new table game in the form of ‘Super Wheel’. Many hard-core casino fans will notice the game is a direct take on the Wheel of Fortune style games found in most land based casinos. In this type of game players attempt to predict which section of the wheel will stop next to the indicator and there’s a multitude of betting opportunities available to players as part of the game.

Play’ N GO brings a style of Wheel of Fortune online with their new Super Wheel table game

In this online version designed by Play’ N GO, players can bet on one of seven available bets, with each bet having a stake dependent on the denominations on the left had side of the screen. These bets are placed on the simulated felt table and the Super Wheel itself lies in the background waiting to be spun. The wheel is divided up into different sections, all numbered, and certain numbers are doubled up around the wheel. These numbers are also present on the table as wagering options. Different payouts are available for different types of bets on the table, so you’re able to mix and match bets to suit your playing style or mood.

“The spinning wheel holds the player in suspense until it eventually slows to a halt, Where she stops, nobody knows!”

Betting starts at 1.00 and can go all the way up to 100 per spin, clicking the spin button to start the game off once your bets are placed on the table. Placing multiple bets across the table in the end will increase your chances to win on a solitary spin. You can repeat all your previous eagers using an option called ‘Rebet’ which is found in the UI. There are two extra symbols which you might’ve noticed from the picture which are the four leaf clover and the horse shoe. These two symbols have the highest odds in the game at around 47 to 1.

Constantly pushing gaming boundaries, Play’ N GO are confident this new game will be an instant hit in an online casino

The excellent Cloud Quest slot!

It’s true that we know them more for their incredible online slot games such as the awesome Cloud Quest slot for example, but Play’ N GO are a great example of a software company that doesn’t rest on its laurels. They endeavour to provide quality gaming products across the board, not just video slots. Their press release enthusiastically states “The spinning wheel holds the player in suspense until it eventually slows to a halt, landing on one of the 52 segments. A convenient game button allows the player to instantly place the same lucky bet round after round after round. Where she stops, nobody knows!”

What we do know is that Wheel of Fortune is an incredibly popular game at land based casinos, so the inclusion of Super Wheel at Play’ N GO casinos will only increase the popularity of this gaming company’s products across the board and you will find players enjoying Super Wheel for a long time to come!

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