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Rabcat to unveil Castle Builder 2 at ICE Totally Gaming 2017

Tom Lasten 16 January 2017 - 13:00:36

Austrian software developers Rabcat Gambling have decided to build (pardon the pun) on the popularity of their excellent Castle Builder online slot game by releasing its sequel - Castle Builder 2. Recently they announced that the game will debut at ICE Totally Gaming 2017, the yearly online casino game expo which is being held from the 7th to the 9th of February at the ExCeL Centre in London England. You will be able to see the game in action on the 9th of February over at the Microgaming bar. Rabcat’s interesting take on slot games comes from the fact they developed video game graphics for many years prior to moving into online gambling, working with the legendary Rockstar Games and even more recently designing some modelling and in-game art for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit FPS Overwatch.

Castle Builder by Rabcat Gambling was a true innovation in slot game design

The original Castle Builder by Rabcat was a solid hit!

When Castle Builder was released it was the first online slot of its kind. It is a level based slot that featured massive amounts of content and online slot fans might remember that Castle Builder had an excellent series of side games and bonus features which made the game so fun to play and also very popular with classic and new players alike. The idea behind the online slot game was to build castles as you spin the reels. Once completed the princess would move into the castle and choose a suitor. Suitors basically equal wins and range from low (poor suitor) to medium (average suitor) to high (rich suitor). All this action included achievements and rankings to earn plus medals to collect and the game turned into an open world after completing all the castles in all the available realms.

New Features and possible playable character choice in Rabcat’s Castle Builder 2

While Rabcat are remaining tight lipped about the new release and its features, we can see from the games advertising artwork that we might be introduced to 2 more characters alongside the Royal Master Builder, one of which, a girl, could be an apprentice of some sorts. Whether this leads to a choice of playable character remains to be seen but it would be the kind of innovative feature that Rabcat would introduce into the world of slots. No official screenshots or videos are available yet either, though rest assured we will bring you an update once more details become available. Watch this space!

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