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Player wins big TWICE in one week at Mr Green Casino!

Tom Lasten 21 January 2017 - 06:07:40

We all have those really good days where the planets align and everything goes right, you could land a new job or even score a bigger than average win on an online slot, but never the less those sort of days are always few and far between. Clearly, the same cannot be said for Sven, the Mr Green player who only last week scored two… yes TWO big wins in the SAME week totalling €320,000!

Jesper Kärrbrink, the CEO of Mr Green sent the press release out himself and commented personally on the big double win;

Mr Green CEO Jesper Kärrbrink

“I speak for everyone working at Mr Green Casino when I say we are very happy for Sven and his wins. Our main focus is to offer people a break, a happening and a superior gaming experience in a safe environment. Making peoples’ dreams come true through these kind of big winnings is a very nice jackpot for us too. But even more satisfying is to hear our players say they appreciate Mr Green for the excitement and high level of service we provide.”

Winner Sven is 51 and self employed. He joined Mr Green Casino in November 2016 looking for a way to relax and take his mind off his work. When asked about the whole experience, Sven had this to say;

“I like Mr Green Casino because of the big selection of slot games and I like that Mr Green cares about their customers, I have experienced this firsthand. Now I am so happy, it is such a great feeling! All of a sudden the symbols stopped spinning, and I saw the amount! I must say it was just an amazing feeling!”

We won’t even begin to comment on the sort of odds it would be to hit this kind of double win as they would be crazy (even scary!) but we would bet its nearer to the kind of odds you’d see in a lottery game. Whatever way you want to look at it, Sven is an extremely lucky man. If you feel lucky and are looking for a more exciting form of entertainment than TV or your Facebook feed, go give the award winning brand Mr Green a try today!

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