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NetEnt Fairytale saga continues with new Legends: Hansel and Gretel!

Tom Lasten 29 April 2017 - 11:39:24

In what we are all hoping is better than a two hour bored fest of a movie NetEnt-powered online casinos are providing a redeemer to the Brothers Grimm’s story franchise.

Now for me two kids waltzing off into the middle of a forest is just basic bad parenting, dead mother or not, there really is no excuse to not try and get along with an annoying stepmother even if you just have to nod your head and agree with everything she says, but deep down inside you wish she tripped into a wood cutter.

The new game landed on all formats April 24th and can now be put to the test.

Will you walk away with a treasure of your own to feed your family for a life-time as the story goes or will you just ponder why on earth you are playing something seemingly targeted for those under the age of five, but heck nostalgia got the better of you so why not.

The Laying of white pebbles.

“Get 10 free spins, instant money or finally the Candy House bonus”

As we enter the game, we enter the forest (hence the cleaver subtitle.) So this is how the game plays out we have your familiar 5 reel slot, both characters either side of the game will walk towards the background and ever deeper into the darkness as the spin button is pressed. When you hit the magic reels the following bonuses prevail.

Bonus number one: the three chests

Of the three you pick one and this results in either 10 free spins, instant money or finally the Candy House bonus which can provides x120 of your total bet, which is still good if you are tactically going in with lower bet stakes.

Now it wouldn’t be a fairy-tale without the nauseating fairies, these flying vermin will provide surprise bonuses, wild spins or the higher prize giving wonder spin, glitz it up as much as the developers want but a chance at money is a chance at money, Fairy me up NetEnt.

The Death of the Witch

Example of game play in all its beauty

So the Game ends (see clever subtitles) and in summary you’ve played something not to dissimilar to the Red Riding Hood game which was released last year. Simple game play, not the best animation we’ll admit but in the end when it comes to the Hansel and Gretel story we all saw the movie for one reason, Gemma Arterton and we will all play this slot game for one reason... fun!

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