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The Pig Wizard bringing home the bacon in £3.1 Million Payout!

Tom Lasten 29 April 2017 - 11:39:26

If like us you’re slumped in front of your screen feeling a mixture of emotions such as envy,

annoyance, hate!… hates a good one as the winner is anonymous so there can’t be any true vindictiveness towards them and your soul will rest easy.

You know what lets ‘pun’ this for what it is, what a jammy swine £3.1 million, but to be even more clear, let us all just imagine the detail a bit closer, ready for this? Mr or Mrs Anonymous won £3,167,063.30 which is $4,085,511.66 dollars for those in the U.S.

“Won £3,167,063.30 which is $4,085,511.66 dollars”

Now to give the pennies is just ridiculous, no millionaire should have 30p spare change in this world, their balances should be rounded up to the nearest pound for the sake of humanity.

The Injustice…

The managing Director of Blue Gaming a presumably gutted Mr Matt Cole must of said through gritted teeth and a false smile the following quote “Congratulations to the lucky player” (as a cold bead of sweat runs from his brow.) “We are thrilled it was won on The Pig Wizard, a popular game which was given a revamp just the week before.”

Hmm, coincidence if not then we demand a revamp of all the games.

Now the heavenly prize was won on a progressive jackpot from a basic five reel slot, basic 20 payline gaming and your usual bonus. The Pig Wizard was nothing out of the ordinary in online gaming it was a basic, easy to play game which just goes to show the opportunity is out there to become a smug millionaire with spare change.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention the most annoying part… they only bet 20p!

That’s right 20p, the thud of your desk as your head hits it is joining a barrage of thudding echoes around the globe.

We shouldn’t despair though we should be united and send a hearty congratulations to the winner because you never know you may end up suing them one day after waiting to jump out in front of their new prestige car.

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