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Play’n GO Receive 5 Nominations for the WIG Awards 2017!

Tom Lasten 6 May 2017 - 05:47:01

May 12th 2017 will see the 8th Annual award for Women in Gaming. This year will be a proud one for Casino game developers Play’n Go, as it has received 5 nominations over various categories within the industry from Leader in iGaming to Team of the Year. A collective nomination award is in their grasp as they challenge for Best Work Place and Diversity.

““We reward all employees based on competency in their roles rather than any other factor and we strongly believe this is key to creating a dynamic, innovative working environment which has helped Play’n GO flourish since our inception,”: Johan Tornqvist Play’n Go CEO

This Soiree will be taking place at the posh Savoy Hotel in London, so if you fancy bagging yourself a paperweight or the company of a fine woman that likes her gaming you have now been heavily tipped.

Now that’s the boring stuff over with, let us look at some more interesting facts which have been sourced over the ever so reliable world wide web, to compare the male and female mind in the iGaming world.

Apparently the percentage of iGaming between men and women show a score of men at 82% whilst the female contingent pick up the remaining 18%. You don’t seem surprised. Okay, how about this one little fact, men will spend an average of 14 months in their lifetime gambling, women will last longer at 21 months. See guys they really can keep going!

Play’n GO’s success is benefiting greatly from the female touch

All glitz and glam for this years WIG Awards

All misogyny aside the WIG awards are doing wonders for the industry we call Gaming, and for Play’n Go (with near half their management work force being female) they have richly deserved this as their gaming infrastructure has flourished and has recently been producing games that are getting better each time.

Formed in the Mid 90’s, Play’n Go is the brainchild of a bunch of nerds with way too much time on their hands, but credit where credits due. Whilst we were partying at illegal raves in some field during our long summers or wondering why on earth Noel Gallagher was downing tea with war monger Tony Blair, the collective skills of these computer wizzes are now one of the leading game designers online hands down and they have the awards as testament.

So now is a good a time as any to embrace the female talent and check out the gaming and see if you think it merits an award.

Links below will guide you to the selection on Play’n Go games we have to offer.

We will however leave you with this little fact before you ‘Play’n Go’. The 21 months of her lifespan in which a female is participating in online gaming means potentially there’s 15,120 hours of sex that men are missing out on.

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