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Robocop RETURNS in Playtech’s Latest Online Slot Game!

Tom Lasten 22 May 2017 - 04:44:50

This news is unbelievably exciting for the 80’s child within us all. Playtech are once again bringing out another licensed slot game, a massive new title featuring none other than Robocop™! It’s safe to say that the game will not disappoint even the most judgmental slot game and Robocop fans out there.

As yet Playtech have not announced the official release date, but Robocop™ is all wired up, programmed to serve you with hours of entertainment and will be unleashed on the civilian population very soon. The slot game will be available across all devices including mobile and tablet, to save you from boredom when you’re on the move too.

Once we heard about the news, we sat back resting our hands behind our heads and reminisced over all that was amazing about the original movie.

To not know Robocop™ you must have been living under a rock or tied up in Joseph Fritzl’s basement for 30 years, seeing as it spawned 2 rubbish sequels, a crap politically charged remake, some odd cartoons and some very bad video games. The film was originally released back in 1987 and the familiar franchise rolls on with this futuristic online slot which is set in one of Delta City’s grimy back alleys. The movie itself is a cult classic, will this new release follow along the same lines of adoration?

“You have 5 reels to comply with…”

“To not know Robocop you would have to be living under a rock for the past 30 years”

The futuristic gaming lab at Playtech have knocked together this 5-reel video slot and its prime directives are to serve players with a drooling number of bonus features, 8 to be exact. 4 of these features can be triggered automatically from within normal game play.

The rewards of these 4 features are scatter wilds called Shootout Spin. ED-209 makes a massive impact on all the games featuring as a huge wild symbol that will take up the three central reels in what is dubbed the Robot Attack Spin. It features a multiplier called ‘Line-Up’ and a random pick feature called ‘OCP Bonus’ - where you enter the OCP offices and try to pick matching symbols from within various computer screens.

To activate the other four bonus features on offer, you will need the Detroit police badge to land on reels 1,3 and 5. The extra bonus rounds are a BIGGER version of the previous 4 already found in the main game.

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

Sneak peek game sample

The backdrop of the game is purposely dark, with rich night time blues mixed alongside metallic silvers and greys making up the main colour pallet of this dystopian theme. A few of the key characters make an appearance forming a few of the symbols along with Murphey’s gun and cop car. The games ‘spin’ button has an auto stop function should you wish to play faster through each round, but the reel spins are short enough to not leave you waiting aimlessly in any case.

The game does carry with it an unbelievable standout addition and to not give too much away we will only say that when the bonuses come alive… they really come alive. If you land the Shootout feature you’ll stand and clap Playtech’s genius. More news to follow on this exciting new online slot from Playtech so until then, stay out of trouble!

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