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The Naked Gun – Blueprints Latest Progressive Online Slot

Tom Lasten 27 May 2017 - 03:40:43

When we heard rumours that The Naked Gun was in the pipeline near a month ago, little information was leaked by the online slot makers at Blueprint. It was half tempting to just issue a news review with absolutely no news, other than a list of reasons why you should quit your job, disband from all friends and family and become a recluse; sitting in a dark room, occasionally peeking through the curtains and scoffing at those outside because they know nothing about the release of The Naked Gun slot game and only you understand the greatness about to be unleashed upon humanity…

The Naked Gun Slot by Blueprint…Nice Beaver!

Matt Cole, CEO Blueprint Gaming, said: “Naked Gun is a classic movie, we are thrilled to bring the franchise into interactive slots via our latest game release.

Our hero, Frank Drebin, was played by Leslie Nielsen in the American television show Police Squad, back in the early 80’s. Though not a great success at the time, as the years passed it developed a cult status. It wasn’t until 88 the character was back under investigation by the makers and they created a comedy movie classic that we now know as The Naked Gun.

The success then heralded two sequels for an ever growing fan base around the hap-hazard detective and his investigations. Only when films reach such a status like The Naked Gun do they get made into an online slot game. The mould of the film is perfect to adapt into a game, you have the perfect crime theme and the perfect fan base that knows that this game can only be a huge amount of fun and entertainment, just like the movie trilogy.

The cows have really come home to roost with Blueprint Gaming’s latest slot game!

“Hey, It's Enrico Pallazzo!”

Like a midget in a urinal, you’re going to have to be on your toes with this one as we have a LOT to go through. Firstly let us take a look at the facts. The crime caper comes to us in the form of a 5 reel slot with 20 pay lines. The stakes go from 0.20 up to 200 coins and the beauty of the game is this is the latest in the latest Jackpot King series, so you have a chance to win some life changing money from the progressive jackpot. The game uses HTML5 software so is playable on Desktops, Mobile and Tablet, anytime and anywhere.

It also boasts 6 bonus round features, all of which aside from the Jackpot King round, come in the form of Free Spin features.

The first feature is called Roaming Wild, taken from the games sub-title. Roaming Wild come in the form of police siren symbols 3 or more will trigger the action where by the wilds will shuffle around the slot, re-spinning and accumulating wins and number of wilds remaining, until the rotation of reels no longer bring about a newer wild symbol. The bonus features that follow this first one can only be activated once you have landed 3 or more of the Detective Bonus Badge symbols, but here is what’s in store for you when you get lucky. The second bonus is the Home Run feature, this gives you 10 Free Spins by landing the Baseball Glove symbol. The principle of play will pretty much be like the first feature. The wilds will shuffle for 10 rotations until the 10 spins have ended.

Thirdly is Stake Out feature, 10 Free Spins with multiplying wilds, any wild symbol (the rare Japanese fighting fish), that lands back within the scatters back into the same position will trigger the multiplier which increases the win by either 2 times the amount, up to 5 times the amount won. On The Edge is the fourth feature, taking the theme from the wonderful nude statue scene where he clings onto dear life by the firm grasp of the statues ‘member’. Here you will have 10 Free Spins, the wild symbol being that of the statue, will remain and scatter like before. The wilds that land back in the original position will then expand to cover the entire reel for a bigger win. Once the symbol expands you’ll get an eyeful of the naked statue in all its glory.

Lastly in the Free Spin features comes the Crime Scene, 10 spins awarded with multiplying wilds and like the previous feature, wilds will expand to cover the entire reel should they land in the same position after they shuffle around and will then multiply the win by either twice the amount or five times the amount of the win. The symbol for this feature is the chalked body out-line. As mentioned previously the Sixth bonus round will be the triggering of the Jackpot King which happens randomly within the actual game play. When landing big wins throughout the features, fans and gamers will be treated to familiar scenes within the movie, thanks to some impressive video footage.

We’re totally biased as we love the series so much but the game is really great fun. The slot takes place in the Police Squad office, the symbols feature all key characters, the animation and graphics are rich in colour and sharp and it entertains. Well done Blueprint for finishing of the month of May with another fantastic game and licensed deal.

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