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Cinderella by Red Tiger - New Online Slot Release Out Now!

Tom Lasten 9 June 2017 - 13:25:12
Cinderella by Red Tiger - New Online Slot Release Out Now!

The Isle of Man based slot developers Red Tiger have come on leaps and bounds recently with their massive spring into casino app stardom within the UK market. So to say we were surprised by this title is an understatement. Their back catalogue of games tends to be unique with themes, but with this recent trend in popularity it seems it may have gone to their heads a little, as they only recently made the Three Musketeers and Puss ‘n Boots. Cinderella is one aimed at the female gambling and gaming market and we would immediately think ‘will this be popular?’ Maybe so, let us take a look at what’s on offer with this Cinderella gaming slot which has a release date of May 25th.

Cinderella Online Slot by Red Tiger - Does the shoe fit?

“The core focus of the game’s theme is the character herself, rather than the overall known story”

The 5-reel game is softly coloured, nothing over the top. The gold trim of the reels’ glisten with moving sparkles. The minimum stake is 0.20 and climbs all the way to a whopping 500 coins. The game play is good, the reels rotate fast and end with a gentle bounce. There is some key animation to be found within also and these pertain to the bonus features.

When Cinderella pops out of her window within the reel as a symbol icon, good things will start to happen. This is the trigger for bonus features, of which there are seven magical rounds. One is called Fairy Magic see the fairy god mother flutters in and clean all but one reel, which Cinderella still resides in. The symbols are replaced by all matching symbols. An opportunity for big wins if the fairy grandmother is favourable.

Clock Strike bonus feature was a nice touch, here clock handles fall on top of the reels and set the time to go backwards and find a winning combination from a previous rotation.

Another is the Slipper Trail feature leave a scattering of wilds across the reeks.

Lastly of the bonus features is the Carriage Spin, this sees the pumpkin carriage hurl past the reels, spinning them until a winning combination is formed.

Discover a whole host of ways to win in Red Tigers Cinderella online slot

Big wins with the Fairy Magic Bonus!

The bonus round offers up to 800 times your stake. The magic wand will appear and grant you a number of ‘picks’. You’ll be faced with 16 scrolls to pick from. To the left of the scrolls are 4 counter with a winning multiplier. Each counter has 3 levels to reach. Each scroll will have a coloured crown upon it. So for each pick of a scroll the coloured crown will fall into its matching counter, marking off a level.

For 25 times the stake you have a green counter, 75 times equals blue, 200 times are red and 500 times are gold. Once the selection of picks are made, the wand grants you your winnings depending on the outcome.

The remaining scrolls aren’t revealed to show the player what could have been, which is unfortunate as this would just heighten the player’s expectations for the next time, instead you go away thinking could I even have come close to 3 gold crowns.

The other key features are the Free Spins, where your selection from a choice offered will reveal the number of spins granted to you.

There is a lot on offer in this game, we can’t say it’s balls or even a weak game. There are some flaws but the game play is good and it’s to be expected really this is a Red Tiger game. I think the surprising thing is that it’s not over the top and more wondrous like Disney would and should be, there is a lot missing in term of characters and possibilities, it’s as if the core focus of the game’s theme is the character herself, rather than the overall known story. Red Tiger certainly would be pleased with this and we think you’ll enjoy this too, even if you’ve never seen the animation before.

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