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BOND is BACK – Scientific Games to Release 007 Online Slot!

Tom Lasten 9 June 2017 - 13:39:04
BOND is BACK – Scientific Games to Release 007 Online Slot!

Important Announcement! – If the title and image didn’t give it away then there’s clearly something wrong… Mr Suave, the King of Baccarat, lethal seducer of hot women; James Bond 007 is returning to a casino (albeit an online one) very soon and the slot games, yes more than one, are to be made by the giants of casino software Scientific Games (SG Interactive). Cue dramatic Bond music!

When it comes to the world of casino, NOTHING strikes harder than this male chauvinist pig, carrying a license to kill thousands of henchmen and plant workers. He is the global icon for casinos, the lord of the baccarat table and a devil in the sack! It’s unsurprising then that a return to his familiar stomping ground was due a return and what better time as well, as bets are being laid across the land, guess who the next actor will be to take on the most famous character role in movie history.

Quantum of Slots

If you don’t know the ins and outs of game makers and software designers, because you only have a sole interest of playing to win, then just to give you an idea of who Scientific Games are, they have a back catalogue of some very unique brands and other big deals and thusly they have worked on and designed slot games of Michael Jackson, Playboy, Titanic, Monopoly, Elvis, Star Trek and Bruce Lee. Bond will be in good company and will be made by a very intelligent company.

Nothing about the pending games have been released yet, but what we know is the deal. The lucrative franchise of MGM Inc. gives Scientific Games the right to use all past, present and future James Bond movies, so far a total of26 have been made. Along with the movie rights the actor images that have and will be, honouring the role can be used as well. Just this alone gives Scientific Games a huge berth of options, ideas and time to develop many, many games, aren’t we lucky!

For Your Eyes Only

Preview 007 at this years G2E in Vegas!

Right now within the World Wide Web a deluge of casino nerds on other sites are throwing their own stupid ideas into the mix and coming up with a lot of drivel. We won’t waste your time by making you read half-baked ideas, even now we are starting to waffle, but the news is out so keep your eyes peeled and keep coming back to Casino Bonuses for updates, as we will be watching this one like hawk or like a bond undressing a lady with his eyes, as she finds herself in a tricky situation with her bikini.

But before we leave you, we may have a date!

During October 3rd to the 5th, Las Vegas plays host to the Global Gaming Expo. Now it goes without saying Scientific Games will be there and what better time to showcase the work done thus far. With this in mind our prediction is that the game release will be exactly November 11th. Why you may ask, well that’s because it’s the birth date of James Bond! Cue dramatic bond music!

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