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Microgaming Release EmotiCoins, Six Acrobats and Sugar Parade!

Tom Lasten 14 July 2017 - 13:19:23

When a developer can afford to release three games on a spin, we tend to worry that they may have all been smaller projects and thusly not very good. The titles themselves are your basic fillers, no stand out licensed brands here, but maybe we’re being too pessimistic. Microgaming are industry leaders and adding to their already massive arsenal of slot games they are presenting to us EmotiCoins, Six Acrobats, and Sugar Parade. Let’s begin by looking at each one to see what Microgaming are delivering for our online slot entertainment.

Let’s not get too Emoti-onal about it!


Okay, so we have a new spin on the Emoji craze that has diluted ‘modern’ language, how Shakespeare thus turneth in his grave. It’s not the first or last time these emoji symbols have or will feature as a slot theme, NetEnt plan to released Emojiplanet in a few months with the official branding of Emoji’s, but all will be hard pressed to beat the downright trashy version brought to us by the developer MrSlotty and their Emojislot, anyway back to Microgaming. They have EmotiCoins; a 3x5 reel video slot that can be played with virtual coins or real money that boasts 30 pay lines and free spin features. The gaming grid houses they usual emoji’s or as they call them emoti’s, perhaps because of copyright laws, who knows. With the addition of the emotional faces comes the overly uses LOL symbol, now what’s concerning is that this whole game would have made sense 7 years ago, but the theme no seems a bit dated really. Quickly moving on to the second release…

When in doubt head to the East!

Six Acrobats

Six Acrobats is an Eastern themed slot with a 3x5 grid again, playing with virtual and real money and comes with 9 pay lines and a jackpot total of 97,500 to be claimed in dollars. The game comes with free spin features and multipliers. This second instalment is certainly more promising in terms of entertainment and ideas. Available at VideoSlots Casino, you’ll be able to play this game as part of their Live Casino Race and win the pool prize of 60,000 euros. Six Acrobats is nicely designed with some lovely graphics, the gameplay is fairly basic and doesn’t stand out as a leading Eastern themed slot game, of which there are many out already on the market.

Will it be a sweet game to cap off the new releases?

Sugar Parade

Sugar Parade, it smacks of fluff and girly stuff, we’re going to peak behind the curtains of this one. Oh Jesus, God, things with big eyes on them, it’s a chick game! This games oozes diabetes and should come with a health warning because of it. The 5 reel slot comes with a bonus game where you can pick from 12 different prizes in monetary value of up to 125.00, Free Spin features that can see you claim up to 12,000.00 in free spins and furthermore you have 15 pay lines to increase your winning chances. The game is very candy and poppy and though bursting with colour, may actually have too much going on for the visual sensors.

It’s hard to not be negative, we did fear the worse when we heard Microgaming was releasing three games at once, however they have made three nice and easily playable slot games. Want to give them a go? you’ll find these three new games at all the online casinos featuring Microgaming games!

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