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Luck O’ the Irish – Play Our Top 3 Irish Themed Online Slots!

Tom Lasten 25 August 2017 - 06:21:55
"I have the greatest job in the world. I get paid loads of cash for beating the crap out of people. And I'm very good at it.” Conor McGregor’s inspiring words for todays youth...

The Irish have little to celebrate in the history books, Saint Patrick’s Day, umm! So moving on… Recently a new hero has stepped into the spotlight thanks to his bad boy attitude and the fact he holds 2 UFC championship titles in two different weight classes. Yep, you guessed it folks, it’s called jumping on the Conor McGregor Bandwagon!

Now these days all Boxing matches come with a rediculously large pool of prize money for all involved. This Saturdays match will likely generate around a $500 Million cash pool, with Mayweather expected to make $20million alone from sponsors on his boxing attire. But you don't have to be a boxing champion to win a prize worth millions, yes winning massive sums of money is also possible for us mere mortals too! There are plenty of online slots with millions in jackpot prizes just waiting to be won. We recently previewed some excellent boxing themed video slots to get us into the spirit for the Mayweather/McGregor fight. This week we're testing how lucky the Irish really are...

Do You Have the Luck of the Irish? Win A Big Money Prize On Slots This Saturday!

We all love to win money, so, we figured, after a few hours brainstorming and exactly 90% conversation non-work related, that if Mr. McGregor is going to try to test the ‘luck of the Irish’ in the ring this Saturday night, why don’t you go test yours. Play this Saturday and win your very own big money prize on one of our our top rated Irish themed online slots. We have some real corkers for you, so make sure you’ve got the fight on, then sit back and enjoy these 3 Irish beauties.

Rainbow Jackpot by Red Tiger – LOADS OF BONUSES!

This right here is the game that keeps on giving! You will be hard pressed to find an online slot game, whose bonus level is better than the one contained in Rainbow Jackpots by Red Tiger.

This 5 reel, 20 pay line game is all about the Leprechaun bonus and it comes round time after time.

During basic play at random intervals, this wee Irish fella, will stroll along the bottom of the screen and pop up with his golden pipe, greeting you with an audible “fair play to ya’ there” and “the luck of the Irish” or “Where’s my pipe?” After which he blows on his pipe and in a puff of smoke the prize is revealed. If it’s Mega Free Spins, believe us you have hit BIG money. During the free spins round, which can be up to 100 awarded, he not only adds additional free spins, but he will throughout the feature throw in some wilds and big payout symbols. The whole bonus round can last up to 30 minutes, whilst you watch this phenomenal, mind-blowing action play out and pay out!

Other features include the Beer Bonus with a 1000 x multiplier and the ‘standard’ free spins round, in addition, you get Mega Symbol Swap, with icons taking up 3 of the 5 reels.

It’s a slot that everyone must spin before they die!

Rainbow Ryan by Yggdrasil – BUSTING OUT A TUNE FULL OF CASH!

This online slot is the latest game by Yggdrasil and they’ve seemed to have dragged an Irish Ozzy Osbourne on to the stage to bust out some wins and some licks on the guitar too.

The game stage is a 4x5 grid and looks larger due to the small symbols. The noticeable thing about the game, aside from the Irish fella moving and swaying about, is the 4096! Pay line! One of the highest we’ve ever come across.

As for the bonus features, you will experience the Rainbow Reels, as Ryan’s guitar summons the shaft of rainbow lit beams down from the rafters and encourage some MASSIVE wins! Players of Rainbow Ryan can win up to 20 free spins that can increase!

The game is fresh and the graphics make this slot stand out from a much-cluttered collection of Irish themed games. You only need land three matching icons to build your winning balance and see it continue to rise as Ryan bangs out some classic winning symbols!

Rainbow Riches by Barcrest – IT’S A SLOT CLASSIC!

We know what you’re thinking, and yes it was made during the time of the dinosaurs. This has not aged well and time has made this Leprechaun one of the freakiest things to grace a casino slot! It’s half wolf and half Gremlin!

Never the less, it’s a classic and the series of Rainbow Riches remains strong as it has dished out other titles such as Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig and Rainbow Riches Leapin’ Leprechauns, which was a whole new take on the traditional scratch card game.

Back to the original, and Rainbow Riches is a 10 pay line slot housed in a 3x5 grid that has an 18 winning combo. Despite its maturity, it does have a good bonus round.

The bonus trail round has a spin wheel with numbers and collect. The more numbers you spin, the more you move along the trail to multiply your betting stake. The jackpot total will reward you with 200 times your bet amount. The animation is primitive, but it works in a terrifyingly jointed way.

More Rounds of Win Than Mayweather! Enjoy Online Slot Games This Saturday With an Exclusive Bonus!

The 3 online slots featured can be played straight from your desktop PC and also from your smartphone or tablet devices. If you head on over to our Top 10 Casinos list you can choose a reputable operator with an exclusive bonus to use when you register, or get yourself a bonus with free spins so you can enjoy some extra slot games as well!

All things considered we can't really pick a winner between Mayweather and McGregor, we just know we're also in for some equally adrenaline charged entertainment this coming Saturday night!

Are you still undecided or do you know who's going to win?

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