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Lucky Player Wins €3.3M Mega Fortune Jackpot at Mr Green!

Tom Lasten 20 September 2017 - 11:10:18
Lucky Player Wins €3.3M Mega Fortune Jackpot at Mr Green!

NetEnt’s popularity among players as a premier slot online game developer comes from the fact they make great online casino games and (more importantly from a casino players point of view) because they include plenty of Progressive Jackpots in their video slots as well. Newer games such as their Divine Fortune progressive regularly pay out large sums of money, but more often it’s NetEnt’s well established progressive slots that are turning players into overnight millionaires.

If like us you’re the type of players who follow big jackpot wins and how frequently they actually land, it should come as no surprise to you then that just last week NetEnt’s Mega Fortune paid out a €3.3M progressive jackpot to one very lucky player over at Mr Green Casino. This is not the first time this year that Mr Green have made the headlines with a progressive winner. So far this year Mr Green has already paid out over €10M in progressive jackpot wins alone. Back in January we reported about Sven landing a double jackpot win at Mr Green in the space of a week and more recently one lucky Swedish player called Jessica hit her 2nd separate Mega jackpot win within the space of 15 months!

Mr Green Player Scoops BIG €3.3M Mega Fortune Jackpot Win!

“It is exciting and a real pleasure to congratulate a player becoming a millionaire. I am happy to say I have had the pleasure of experiencing this a lot lately…” Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO at Mr Green

Early this month, a player at Mr Green Casino scooped the Mega Fortune jackpot of €3.3M, a truly massive life changing sum of money. They turned what was a bankroll of €5 into a jackpot win worth €3.3M. Now prepare to get your heads around this fact, the name of the German player who won the €3.3M on Mega Fortune at Mr Green only a week ago is also… Jessica… crazy! Yes Jessica D is the latest winner, taking home a €3,309,995 Mega Fortune 'Mega Jackpot' while playing on mobile.

On Tuesday Mr Green released an official press release to confirm the win including an official statement from the winner:

“The jackpot win is surreal, you cannot really describe those feelings in words. It´s like a special moment full of happiness. I couldn´t believe what happened in that moment and needed to ask my husband, what does this number mean and how many digits does the amount have?”

The latest big win was followed by upbeat comments from Jesper Kärrbrink, the CEO at Mr Green Ltd. In the official press release he stated:

"It is exciting and a real pleasure to congratulate a player becoming a millionaire. I am happy to say I have had the pleasure of experiencing this a lot lately.”

NetEnt’s Mega Fortune – Still Making New Millionaires!

NetEnt's Mega Fortune...making players rich!

Since its launch back in 2009, Mega Fortune has remained a constant attraction for online casino players and die hard slot fanatics. As with most NetEnt slot games, even to this day the game has aged extremely well. You can regularly see’s many new online casino players choose it as one of their ‘entry’ games, only to keep coming back to it time and time again even after they’ve played online casino for years. There are 4 progressive jackpots to win on Mega Fortune (Rapid, Minor, Major, Mega) and it works by taking a small % of your bet and applying it to the total prize pool. It does this for all players at NetEnt powered online casinos so the amount regularly reaches into the millions and often into the 10’s of millions. The biggest win on Mega Fortune was €17M and current statistics show that its being won on average every 10 weeks and 5 days.

Even if you’re name isn’t Jessica (though we’re now considering a name change ourselves) you can become a millionaire instantly and with less spend and better odds than playing the lottery. If someone can win it twice within 15 months, then it’s entirely possible that the next winner is going to be you! In all seriousness to up your chances you don’t have to change your name to Jessica, but you might want to take your bankroll to the house of luck that is Mr Green Casino and place your bet’s on over there. After all, it seems like it’s working for everyone else!

See what Jessica's €3,309,995 'Mega Fortune' Jackpot win looked like courtesy of Mr Green's YouTube channel.

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