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From Dusk Till Dawn - Novomatic to Release New Online Slot!

Tom Lasten 27 September 2017 - 07:12:12
From Dusk Till Dawn - Novomatic to Release New Online Slot!

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t fully cover the news article about the new Novomatic slot to be released next month, so we’re going to give you some insight into what’s expected from the new epic 'From Dusk Till Dawn' online slot.

“Everybody be cool!”

"From Dusk Till Dawn is a cult film... we are very pleased to be partnering with Miramax on this great brand." Thomas Graf - Novomatic

Oh, how sweet this news is! and made by Novomatic as well! For those that couldn’t care less about the developer here’s some insight to the makers and from that, what we can expect.

So Novomatic back in the day released an original slot game called the Book of Ra, it was a huge success and even more so when it went online. This lead to more sequels and rip-offs than the Jaws franchise. Since then, the developer has made a total of 307 online video slots although this new one is hands down their biggest project/license deal to date, hence the big surprise. Having been in the industry since the 80’s, they can seem to some players to be a bit old school in terms of new game ideas. Something as epic as From Dusk Till Dawn it pretty much writes itself when it comes to features and bonuses so we're very excited to see the finished slot game in all its glory.

A trip to the Titty Twister anyone?

Please have Salma Hayek dancing, please have Salma Hayek dancing…

With all the latest movie slot releases, there’s a trend with bonus features and that’s to intro them with clips from the movie. If we get the Goddess that is Salma Hayek dancing on the table, then give Novomatic the award now for best game 2017. As is usual with such a big game release, there is very little out there in terms of concrete info but here is what we know about the game so far. The online slot version will feature 3 random bonus games, it has 2 Jackpot games and 1 bonus Twister Wheel. During normal core gameplay, you can win instantly at any time with the random feature generator. The mini bonus games are called 'Everybody Be Cool', 'On the Run' and 'Cash Explosion'. Scatter symbols will activate the Twister Wheel which offers cash prizes and bonus rounds with the chance to enter either the Mugshot Bonus or the Dancing Bonus… (Inhale of breath)… Please have Salma Hayek dancing, please have Salma Hayek dancing.

The game will have its international debut at the G2E event in Vegas on October 3rd to 5th. Hopefully, the horror genre will tee this slot up nicely for a Halloween release, along with Microgaming’s soon to be released version of Halloween (the original) online slot.

For those looking to experience the gameplay of all the other excellent Novomatic games prior to the release of From Dusk till Dawn, you can play all their slot and casino games over at at the equally excellent William Hill Casino!

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