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The Matrix by Playtech – Reality Changing Wins have Arrived

Tom Lasten 9 October 2017 - 04:48:31
The Matrix by Playtech – Reality Changing Wins have Arrived

So this is depressing, as it’s a stark reminder of how old us Matrix fans have become, brace yourself… it’s been nearly 20 years…TWENTY years since its release in 1999. The 90s only felt like last week, so what the…!?!?

Alas, the reality-bending movie now becomes a reality check, so let’s see how Playtech have used the epic movie and adapted it for the small screens of our phones and tablets.

There’s ‘Neo’ doubt about it, you’ll win big here!

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – You get Unlimited Free Spins. You take the red pill – Get 8 Free Super Spins and you’ll know how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” Not quoted by Morpheus

If memory serves us right the Matrix was about a pill popper, who followed the little white rabbit, took more than he could handle and went on a rampage. Stay away from drugs kids. Though despite this Alice in Wonderland reboot making a shameful series of sequels it fully merits a place within thousands of casino lobbies.

Playtech are masters of bringing the movie business into the casino world, past ventures of RoboCop and Dirty Dancing were a huge success and the bonus levels were to die for. Will the Matrix follow the same successful trend?

Winning all the time will feel like Deja Vu

The Beauty of The Matrix and Playtech’s design.

The Matrix game is a 50 pay line slot staged on a 3 x 5 grid whilst the matrix coding scrolls in the background. The main characters are symbolized so Agent Smith, Morpheus, Trinity and Ted Logan all make a return, heck even the déjà vu cat. (if you get the joke there, leave a comment at the bottom and we’ll send you a free bonus.)

Ted Logan appears as the wild symbol where 5 lined symbols multiply your stake by 500. The cat appears on reel 5 only and substitutes all symbols, thusly triggering the déjà vu shuffle.

Free Spins landing on reels 1, 3 and 5 brings the player a choice of 2 games, red pill = 8 free games. Blue pill = unlimited free games! Each are of equal worth with a chance to end the free game rounds heavily richer.

That’s it! A slight disappointment, no movie clips, no fancy animation and no lady in the red dress, C’mon Playtech!

You can experience The Matrix game right now as it’s out on general release in the following casinos: Casino Las Vegas, Bet365 and 777 Casino.

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