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Happy New Year 2018: From All of Us Here at Casino Bonuses Index

Tom Lasten 29 December 2017 - 02:00:00

Well, that pasts quickly as we crawl over the finishing line that is this holiday period for most. 2017 has been a productive and busy year for us and because of that, we would like to extend our thanks to you all which make this possible. We hope you’ll join us for the New Year in 2018 as the casino industry expands into bigger and more exciting realms of gameplay and mega jackpots!

Starting the New Year with a Casino Bonus

In our offices at Casino Bonuses Index, we are consistently pushing ourselves to bring you the best deals, news and advice to further enhance your experience no matter the cost of our stress levels and nervous dispositions.

We try to bring you as much as possible so that no stone is left unturned… Hang on, this is sounding rather O.T.T on the self-evaluation. Let’s just say we our parents are proud!

We all wish you a Happy New Year from Casino Bonuses Index. There will be more Bonuses and Rewards in 2018!

So without further lamenting you with our overly tacky gratitude, which is sincere, let us tell you about a few hidden gems within our site so you can discover a bit more than a bonus here and there.

Recently we have altered our news articles – below is an example of the links added to make you aware that if we tell you about a news piece on a casino game, then the casino link will be where to find it. Rather than just tell you about the new exciting releases, you’ll be able to get direct access to them saving you time and us time replying to the comments and tweets about where everything is.

Getting more From Casino Bonuses Index

New Year 2018

New online slot reviews, currently we are looking to bring you a new improved slot review system where you can play the game directly from the article. Test if our words and recommendations are true to the word of if we just waffle out a load of B.S. (don’t answer that just yet!)

We are currently working on the development of our YouTube page where you’ll find interviews and videos with game developers and casinos, where you’ll find new exclusive news on games and promotions.

Each day there will be a tweet of a casino bonus, Join our Twitter programme in 2018 and get the latest promo offers that are only exclusive via our site and look out for one-off tweets with special links to free no deposit bonuses.

Throughout 2017 one casino has remained the number 1 site, this is not of our own doing but you the players. Those who voted and scored the casinos have bestowed Jackpot City Casino of the Year. With their reigning triumph, it would only be fair to remind players that currently they are carrying a weight of $1600 free to new members that wish to join the Casino of the Year.

We told you about this special little area so you now know what to do. Click on Jackpot City and we’ll see you on the other side. Happy New Year!
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