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Online Poker: UK Casinos are all about the Older Generation these days

Tom Lasten 5 January 2018 - 04:12:32

You can’t knock the older generation, when we young modern techno geeks introduced the mobile phone, they criticized us, when we told them about Facebook they didn’t get it. But now you can’t get them off the damn things. Mums and Dads Skyping, Aunties and Uncles playing some form of candy crush or farm game. All on the latest devices that far out-cost ours all together! Now it would seem they have a taste for online gambling also! Talk about the older generation; they’ve never had it so good.

Move over Bingo, You’re Being out Played

"A 70 something year old cleavage resting on the poker table, as she cheekily asks you if you’ve eaten today (Barff!)"

Well, well, well, who would have thought it, the ‘seniors’ are coming around to it but not as we would have expected it. The surge in online gambling hasn’t hit the favourable bingo section of the online casinos, no, seems Nan and Grandad like to plump for a bit of online poker would you believe.

A recent online survey discovered a surprising trend following a survey of 2,000 players across the UK that poker online is now a cool thing if you’re between 55 and 64! From this survey, those living in the London area, 93 percent of those asked felt they either playing an average or above average skill level when it came to online poker. Whereas those from the West Midlands, 55 percent felt they were average or below the skill level.

With all this, those who play with smaller stake bets with online poker feel that they at least have an average knowledge of the poker game.

More stats: over two-thirds of those above the age of 55 enjoyed playing online via their Laptop or PC. 75 percent of these players got their kicks from playing live casino poker as opposed to video poker.

So where’s the dividing line between the ‘old’ and the younger generation? Well, there really isn’t one. The number of 18 to 24-year-olds is obviously high, 86 percent of the survey showed this but the fact that the three-quarters of the older generation provided the exact same answers signals a significant shift in the attitude towards gambling online.

Learn from your Elders and start playing Online Poker

Online Poker Gambling cards and Laptop

We looked at how the trend in poker had picked up in our cryptocurrency news, but heaven forbid that one day all our online casino games will be introduced to us with scantily clad OAP dealers, should they overtake the market. A 70 something year old cleavage resting on the poker table, as she cheekily asks you if you’ve eaten today (Barff!) Apologies for the image.

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