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GameArt Online Slot Developer: Great Minds behind the Big Cash Games

Tom Lasten 18 January 2018 - 03:37:59
GameArt Casino Bonuses

So you play the games, win the money and carry on with life as normal, and with no consideration to the poor, hardworking folks that brought all this to the table, shame on you. Well, to add a bit of fairness we’re going to introduce to you one of the game developers that create and design the casino games you enjoy playing – GameArt.

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Jump into any fine gambling establishment online and you’ll discover the talents put out by GameArt, cue the game titles: El Toro™, Emperors Wealth™, Thunder Bird™, Money Farm™ and the newest title Spartans Legacy™. The catalogue of GameArt vision introduces very pronounced games, sleek stylish, they are the equivalent of the Royals Royce in development. Who else would create a game called Tesla: Spark of Genius? Only these fine geeks. The themes range from the mythical to mystical but it’s not all about titles which read like a National Geographical magazine, they know how to seduce too, hello Tiger Heart!

GameArt logo

So they provide the highest quality gaming through HTML5 software. This means the game runs from the web browser directly, but they also have Flash developments as well so their games and products work across the spectrum of Android, Apple and Windows.

Now stepping into their 5th year as an online slot developer, they have quickly caught up with past masters and those classed as “the best” in such a short space of time. Currently, they release 12 games a year, 48 in total thus far and with 35 Jackpot games produced with fellow partnering developers such as iSoftBet and 1x2 Gaming.

Playing new exciting online slots

GameArt Casino Slot Characters

GameArt is yet to produce licensed titles games, perhaps it’s not in their remit as their games follow a distinct rule of difference, no one game is the same and because of this, the casino which entertains with the use of their work offers much more than laboured gameplay.

30 of the 48 produced can be played within Wild Sultan Casino. The game More Cash™ is one of the highest player ranked games with 5/5-stars, including Explosive Reels™ and Da Vinci Codex™ getting a score of 5 from the casino users speaks volumes, because if you don’t win, scoring a 1 is all too easy.

With an abundance of 3D graphics, bonus features, random bonuses, and jackpot prizes, there is a lot to look forward to when stepping into the mind and games of GameArt.

Will Lady Luck™ be on your side? Will you be living in 5-Star Luxury™ after playing these games? Only one way to find out, click on our link for Wild Sultan and pick yourself up an exclusive 100% bonus, that’s an EXTRA £100 to play with inside.

Watch our talents seduce the likes of GameArt in our Exclusive Interview

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