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Schools Out: Leander & Spike Bring Alice Cooper to a new Wonderland

Tom Lasten 25 January 2018 - 04:08:28
Alice Cooper School's Out For Summer Casino Slot

Well, we got no choice – we just had to highlight the genius. Leander gaming has joined forces with Spike Games to revamp and re-release the most ‘flew under the radar game of 2017’. Alice Cooper: School’s Out For Summer™. So it’s now down to us to be ‘makin’ all that noise’.

Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll and Casino. (3 out of 4 we condone)

When it comes to slots and music (pun fully intended) Alice Cooper would be an ample subject to fly the flag. When it comes to music and casinos there is no better developer than Leander Games. Here they have partnered Spike Games the UK outfit which produced the game back in November 2017. With admittedly little impact, the game is now getting a revamp with the technical whizz of Leander, whose pedigree has produced stand out games for rock gods Megadeth™ and Satan’s mistress Dolly™ Parton! Both games packed a punch and we subsequently copied without shame when NetEnt jumped on the rock bandwagon with Guns ‘n Roses and Jimi Hendrix.

" One of the Greatest games of 2017 gets revamped for 2018 because NO-ONE knew it got made! "

The game itself is an Alice Cooper fan’s wet dream let us not shirk from the facts here, this holds nothing back and by rights should have been up there for game of the year. Why it went unnoticed is anyone’s guess. Spike Game hasn’t the biggest reach perhaps whereas Leander Games is under speed dial of any casino that needs a kick-ass game.

The Prince of Darkness brings Royal Riches

Alice Cooper School's Out For Summer Slot Reels
Snakes + Electric Chairs = Alice's Wonderland

The game straps you into the electric chair and cranks up the power to charge your brain with outrageous features and bonuses. The random base game features Twin Eyes which stokes up the Wild symbols for insane wins. Take a lucky gamble on the Snake feature through the extra spins bonus round which may direct you straight to Deathrow, which is a good thing in the mind of Alice Cooper because the cash in there is truly electrifying!

There are 3 bonus features within the game with multipliers and free games. School’s Out™ is a terrifying game with great video imagery, music from Cooper himself and oozes every drip of the mega rock star, the animation on winning is worthy of a play alone.

You can play the most underrated game of 2017 over at SlotsMillion. No release date has yet been set but it is imminent. You can play further Leander games in the meantime until it's finally unleashed.

Watch the original Alice Cooper game before the Revamp

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